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Hitting the Weight Loss Plateau

Having started my weight loss journey in late December 2018, the kilograms loss in the first two months have been pretty fast. Within 2.5 months I see a whopping 8 kilos loss. But soon I realized that I slowly stopped losing weight that quickly. Another 1.5 months passed and I only lost another 1.8 kilos. […]

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Entering 2019 With A Mission

Every beginning of the year, we will start seeing ‘New Year Resolutions” popping up everywhere on our socials. But often, we tend to post these resolutions for the sake of it. How many of these resolutions have we actually realized? Asking myself that question, I know my answer is no. Hence, instead of a new […]

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Glow BFF Challenge! Mid Month!

Hi all! I’m back with another update with GLOW! Thought at this point of time, the BFF challenge have already ended officially yesterday. This is my mid month report for the 1 month challenge! Or rather 3/4 month but mid month sounds better. I was sick during CNY period and missed a number of PTs […]

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Get Glowing! With Glow Raspberry!

GLOW™ IGNITE 2.0 BERRY FRUITY-FATLOSS CHALLENGE (BFF CHALLENGE) Some of you might have known, from either my twitter or FB that I’m currently part of this BFF Challenge with GLOW. This is the 2nd round of the BFF Challenge, and I’m already 1 week into it. So far, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely and is super […]

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Optrimax 5 Day Plan

So I’ve gotten the product on 18th Jan and I’ve started on the plan on the 20th. I took the Plum for two days prior to starting the 5 day plan. It does helps with the bowels. Starting weight which I’ve measured on the 18th during the event was 74.4kg. During the 5 day period, […]

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