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Some of you might have known, from either my twitter or FB that I’m currently part of this BFF Challenge with GLOW. This is the 2nd round of the BFF Challenge, and I’m already 1 week into it. So far, I’ve enjoyed myself immensely and is super excited about the next few sessions!

So you might ask, what is GLOW? GLOW is a weight loss supplement that aids in burning fats with Raspberry Ketones. Now, they have come up with V.2 GLOW IGNITW 2.0 which make things better with the addition of Svetol (Decaffeinated Green Coffee Bean Extract). I will not go into details how it exactly works with all the scientific terms but GLOW is a supplement which has 100% natural ingredients and is clinically proven to help in weight loss. Also GLOW IGNITE 2.0 is vegan, meaning everyone one could take it with no worries!

To read more about the product functionality, do visit . The site is just revamped with easy to process information and also read about the BFF Challenge Round 1!

For this BFF Challenge, it’s more like a leading a healthy lifestyle while losing weight rather then eat the supplement and see who lose the more weight. We have an experienced Nutritionist, Rachel to plan our diet and also Physical Training sessions to build our muscles and burn those fats.

My whole February is dedicated to the Challenge and I’m pretty happy to see my schedule being packed up by GLOW activities.

I’ve a bad habit of skipping breakfast and some other meals. Basically I can do without eating and I eat a lot when I do eat. Also I love red meat! And guess what? I eat the most red meat during supper. ><

So Rachel emphasizes the importance of eating our meals proper and the consequences of skipping meals. Hence, you can see from the photos that I’ve stocked up on my breakfasts with Wholemeal Grains, Low Fat Milk/Yogurt, No Sugar Added Fruit Juices etc. I was given healthy food choices and the correct portions that I should eat for Lunch and Dinner. Basically it’s a clean diet and the only downside is that no red meat. But I guess I could live with it.

We are recommend to eat GLOW twice a day, one each half an hour before our breakfast and lunch. It is also recommended to eat GLOW half an hour before your exercise session. This is because GLOW actually curbs your appetite and you will not feel as hungry by the time it’s time for your meals which means you won’t eat more than you need. Also it provides energy to prepare you for the exercise sessions!

I actually enjoy eating GLOW as the capsules has this pleasant fruity smell to it as compared to many unpleasant smelling supplements out there. For example, the Vitamin B tablet I’m taking smells irky and I’ve to pinch my nose every time I take it. But for GLOW, I nearly wanted to suck it like a sweet due to the fruity scent but I did not la.

As I mentioned it has already been 1 week into the challenge and I’ve had 3 exercise sessions so far. 2 Physical Training and 1 Zumba session. And the above picture shows the 3 different instructors for the sessions. Sederick is our main Personal Trainer for GLOW and he leads the very first PT session that we had. I tell you, I nearly died there. (Well of course I did not die, if not I won’t be typing this post already. :P)

Having not exercise for at least 2 years, it’s quite tough for me as my stamina sucks. Or do I even have any? It was really nice of both Sederick and Joey, another Personal Trainer for our PT sessions to run with me as I was like the last of the pack. Haha.

It does feel good after the PT sessions although my muscles were aching from the squats etc but I feel the burning sensation and sweat. It kind of makes me feel accomplished. If not for this BFF Challenge, I don’t know how long I will procrastinate for before I actually start exercising.

Edwin was our instructor for Zumba and we just had that session yesterday night. It was tiring yet fun! It’s like you won’t feel like stopping or giving up no matter how tiring it is as it’s fun! We even danced to Gangnam Style. Haha.

It’s always good to vary your workout sessions so that you won’t get bored and eventually stop doing it.

Here’s us camwhoring before and after PT sessions! Though I always felt like dying during these sessions, it does really feels good to sweat it out. And of course Burn FAT BURN!! Haha! It’s also really fun to exercise in a whole big group too! Motivation from the lovely people when you thought you reach your limit.

Only one photo in the above collage is during the actual Zumba session. The rest were just us fooling around. XD See I told you, it’s really fun working out with this bunch of fellow bloggers!

Group photo of us Glowsters with Edwin. The one in green is Nicole who’s representing GLOW and it’s great that she joins us for each and every sessions! Let’s all GLOW together!!

It’s Chinese New Year very soon! Have you done your spring cleaning? Remember, go easy on those CNY goodies. If not, there’s always GLOW to the rescue!



All opinions reflected in the post are the blogger’s own. The content of this post is not edited by GLOW™ . GLOW is an all-natural weight loss supplement. The proprietary blend is clinically designed to maximise fat burning. All rights reserved.

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  1. Herine February 9, 2013 at 7:01 pm #

    looks really fun!!

  2. forest330 February 9, 2013 at 7:03 pm #

    It is pretty fun! 🙂

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