New Hobby: Roller Skating

I’ve recently picked up a new hobby which is Roller Skating aka Quad Skating.

Me at one of Hi-Roller’s themed night

Why Roller Skating?

I’m pretty sure that a lot of people are confused by the term roller skating and often thinks that it’s the same as roller blading. It’s pretty much used loosely but roller blades refers to inline skates in particular while roller skating is more for quad skates.

I remember owning a pair of plastic green quad skates with orange wheels from Toys’ R’ Us as a kid. Hence it’s a no brainer for me to pick up a pair of quad skates as that balance is familiar for me. I can’t for some reason balance on inline skates at all. Yet to try and not really keen on trying at this point in time.

Where to buy Roller Skates in Singapore?

Decathlon – Any stores near you
Inlinex – Kallang area
HvperSport – Downtown East
GoSport – Orchard Gateway

I bought mine from both HvperSport and also Inlinex. Yes, I currently own two pairs of skates. Would recommend the basic range of skates from HvperSport as they are decent and they provide very good after sales service. They also just released another range under the Hi-Candy brand at the time of writing. (They are the people who runs Hi-Roller.)

Where to skate?

  • Hi-Roller (Downtown East)
  • Stadium
  • Marina Bay (outside MBS all the way to barrage through gardens by the bay)
  • Sentosa Beach
  • Punggol Park
  • East Coast Park (yet to try but lots of skaters skate there)
  • Jurassic mile
  • Around your neighbourhood as long as the roads are smooth.
Skating at Sentosa

Roller skating has been fun and it is my new found love of an active activity. Though I must admit that I haven been skating as much as I want to due to the weather. Am still waiting for the fitness area near my place to be open so I can practice my skate drills more often. I’m not the best at fancy drills but I love cruising around in skates. 🙂

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