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About Mori.Oracle

Tarot reading by Mori.Oracle was created on 4th June 2020. It marks the beginning of my spiritual journey via the medium of Tarot and Oracle cards.

It was 15 years ago since I first learnt about Tarot and it has always been on the back of my mind. I wasn’t ready to use the Tarot to provide guidance for others back then. Simply due to the lack of life experiences and as a result; the lack of empathy too.

After a 15 years crash course in life, I’ve grown and matured. And now, I am ready for my spiritual awakening and using tarot reading as a medium to provide guidance to those who need it.

Tarot Reading Services

Mori.Oracle uses both Tarot and Oracle cards in her readings so as to provide a comprehensive reading.

We do intuitive readings here at Mori.Oracle with the guidance of spiritual guides. As a result, readings might be slightly different from the traditional meanings of the tarot due to the intuitive reads of the cards.

Below is the list of some services available for booking:

  • In-Depth Love Reading – $88
  • Relationship Spread (Lovers/Friends/Family) – $52
  • Career Reading – $88
  • 3 Cards Spread for a single question – $22
  • Seven Chakras ( General life reading) – $49

All prices stated are in SGD.
We accept PayNow or PayLah! for local bookings and Paypal for international bookings.
For bookings, email to Mori.Oracle@gmail.com or DM us on Instagram.
All readings will be sent via IG DM.
Do follow Mori.Oracle on Instagram for regular content on tarot, oracle and crystal healing.

Tarot is not a form of fortune-telling but is a form of a guidance tool for the situation on hand.
Kindly note that we do not do readings for the below topics:

  • Health
  • Pregnancy/Fertility
  • Legal
  • Financial