GLOW BFF Challenge! The End and New Beginnings.

In a blink of an eye it seems, and we have reached the end of the BFF Challenge. A month is neither long nor short but the bonds we crafted and the knowledge we learnt along the way will be lasting us a lifetime.

This challenge is not just a simple weight loss challenge where you just eat the supplement, and monitor the weight. During this challenge, we lost sweat and we gain friends and knowledge for our well beings.

Meet Nicole and Ian, the team behind Glow and the BFF challenge. Awesome people they are for giving us the support needed throughout the challenge. Nicole for joining us for the PT sessions, being genuinely concerned for our well being. Ian for being Ian, bringing laughter to the room when we are all dead beat from the fitness sessions.

It was great fun meeting these girls. Knew some of them before the challenge but this one month brought us closer. Of course, there are some not pictured as they are not able to make it to the weigh out.

Love this photo, I guess this is the most glam side of us hanging out at the balcony. Usually, we were all sweaty and tired after our PT sessions.

Another shot of just the girls! Ain’t Nicole really pretty? Of course, all the other girls are looking great too!!

We planned for Brunch at Hatched to celebrate our hard work for the month! And while waiting, let’s take more photos! Daphne is really an inspiration and I hoped I have that much focus as her. But it’s ok, we each have our own pace!

Here’s a shot with the gorgeous Carrie. I’m glad to have met her, cause she inspired me to love my body more.

Food! Caesar salad to share! Sauce at the side if you realized. And we hardly touched it.

We all had the Smoked Royale!! We were like Daphne, what can we eat! And again, no sauce. I also love that they use Balsamic for the salad dressing! Healthy eating ftw!! XD

If it’s the old me, I would not have posted this anywhere online. But I’ve learnt to love my body more and there’s nothing to be ashamed about it. I was never a slim person nor am I fat enough to be plus sized. I was just bigger, taller and chubbier. First two photos in bikini on top are take before I started the challenge. The bottom two photos are taken on the day on weigh out. Maybe it’s not that good a comparison as it’s different posture but then you can obviously see the bulge in the before photos and 3 not so obvious but still there lines showing the layers of fats.

Here’s a closer look at the tummy now. Flatter, not as bloated as before. I’ve got more to lose definitely, but this definitely looked better as compare to 1 month ago.

Sorry for the messy photo, but I don’t to reveal the stats of others so yup. As you can see, my weight went down a total of 1.9 KG. BMI dropped 0.7, fat% dropped 0.6 and muscle mess went up by 0.3. I must say I’m ain’t super hardworking for exercise wise and diet wise I have my cheat days so this is pretty good results. Which also shows that GLOW really helps in weight loss.

Saying that, now that I’ve finished up my 1 month supply of GLOW, I’m going to try one month of exercise and clean diet without GLOW and see how things goes. Though I’ve the feeling that I will get my new bottle soon.

Let’s all work hard to a healthier lifestyle and more beautiful us!


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  1. unknown March 19, 2013 at 11:32 am #

    Hi , Did you loss weight after consuming this pills?

  2. forest330 March 19, 2013 at 11:37 am #

    Hi there, I’ve lost overall abt 2 kgs. XD

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