Optrimax 5 Day Plan


So I’ve gotten the product on 18th Jan and I’ve started on the plan on the 20th.

I took the Plum for two days prior to starting the 5 day plan. It does helps with the bowels.

Starting weight which I’ve measured on the 18th during the event was 74.4kg.

During the 5 day period, I’ve been drinking loads and loads of water. It’s easily three times the usual amount that I drink. This also mean more regulated trips to the toilet. 😛

20130201-132136.jpgThe taste of the shake is something like oatmeal more to the raw side, not that bad la.

My weight was 74kg on Day 1, perhaps the extra 400g measured on the 18th was from dinner. LOL. And here’s my mini 5 day journal, a little wordy but please bear with me and read on.

Day 1:
Weight: 74

Day 1 was easy for me as I started on a Sunday. It’s just the getting use to the taste that I had to get through. One shake in the morning, slack around at home till lunch time to have my second shake. Then it’s off for my Japanese class for a couple of hours and I’m home by 7 to have my third shake. I pretty much did not use much energy during day 1 and the shakes were filling. I’m glad to have the plum, it’s the nicest thing in the 5 day plan.

Day 2:
Weight: 73

It’s Monday and I had work. Breakfast and lunch were pretty much fuss free with the shakes. I went to the hair salon after work and stayed there for 4 hours plus. By the time I’m home, it’s 11 plus and I decided that it’s too late to have the shake for dinner. And it so happens that there’s some leftovers from dinner, so I sinned. I had 2 small pieces of ribs, 1 soon kuey and 1 french apple. Then I had the plum after.

Day 3:
Weight: 71

I weighed myself and was pleasantly surprised that my weight went down despite eating. It motivated me and I was not bothered about the taste anymore. (It’s all in the mind!) Everything went smooth for breakfast and lunch as usual but I had a dinner outing with my friends. So I decided to just have vegetables soup, the healthiest choice available to replace the dinner portion. But this time round, I was walking around from Dhoby Ghuat to Orchard and back to Somerset. Energy used and I realized that I feel a slight headache and a little faint. Reached home feeling really weak and luckily my mum seems to know my body better as she keep aside some boiled vegetables and fish from dinner for me.

At this point, I realized the shakes do provide energy for that few hours before you have the next. But due to work, breakfast is at 7.30 and lunch is at 12. Dinner for me have always been around 7 or 8 earliest. That’s a 7 hours difference. Plus being in the office, I don’t need much energy as I’m only doing work at the computer. Hence, I decided to just have 2 shakes a day instead with one healthy normal meal in small portions.

Day 4:
Weight: 71.5

Drank the shake for breakfast and I had soup noodles for lunch. Dinner includes plain salad greens plus the shake.

Day 5:
Weight: 71.5

Shake for breakfast and Fishball Soup for lunch. Dinner was fish soup.

As I’ve not followed strictly to the 5 day plan, I’m going to drink the remaining shakes I have left for breakfast as I feel that it is a good breakfast replacement.

Perhaps I would get more results if I follow through the plan but I’m happy with the slight loss. XD

It’s now 1 week after I started on the plan and I’ve noted that my weight have went back up to 73 Kg. It would most probably due to my late night eating as per my habit. Still 1 Kg loss is pretty good. I would say the plan helped in in the way of flushing my body system of the toxins and also regulating my bowels. Which is good because I don’t do big business everyday. 😛

Now here’s a chance for you to have a go at the 5 Day Plan and see how it will work out for you! I’m giving out 1 set to 1 lucky winner out there!! Just nice for you to detox after CNY!

Simply comment on this post on why you would like to try the 5 Day Plan! Remember to leave your email so I could contact you if you win!

This giveaway will end on 13th Feb!!

UPDATE: I’ve already emailed the lucky winner! Check your inbox!!


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0 Responses to Optrimax 5 Day Plan

  1. Doreen February 2, 2013 at 9:54 am #

    I would love to try this 5 days plan!nBeen trying to shed extra weight with healthy diet and exercise for the past weeks and i hope to win this to hasten up the process. :)nI’ve always wanted to try slimming products so…… keeping my fingers crossed! ^^

  2. Line February 4, 2013 at 5:41 pm #

    I ate too much Chinese new year snacks and now I have to lose some weight to fit in my clothes.

  3. Elaine February 13, 2013 at 11:27 pm #

    I hope to win this 5 days plan as I’m really hoping to shed some weight, to feel more confident of myself and for a healthier me this brand new year! Having grew up being identified as one who is fleshy, I would very much love to try this out!

  4. forest330 February 19, 2013 at 9:42 am #

    Hi Elaine, nCongrats on winning this giveaway! I’ve emailed you! Please check your inbox and reply me with your details. nCheers!

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