Glow BFF Challenge! Mid Month!

Hi all! I’m back with another update with GLOW! Thought at this point of time, the BFF challenge have already ended officially yesterday. This is my mid month report for the 1 month challenge! Or rather 3/4 month but mid month sounds better.

I was sick during CNY period and missed a number of PTs and I’m super sad. Above photo was taken before KickBoxing class. I think if you know me well or follow me on my blog for quite sometime, you can see a slight difference.

Routine, camwhore with the girls first before class starts!

(Above Photo credits: Christina)
And here’s a group photo with Wallace, our instructor for Kickboxing. His class is really fun and all of us enjoyed it. I must say KickBoxing is serious intense cardio and it’s not easy but definitely fun with the right company and instructor.

(Above Photo Credits to Ju Ann)
Group photo taken with our trainer Joey, at our last PT session. I must say, it’s a joy to train with Joey. He takes care of everyone and for example, as I’m the slowest runner of the pack, he will run with me in case I faint halfway or something. Haha.

Our very last fitness session was Hot Yoga @ HOM YOGA located along Boat Quay area. It was a sweaty affair I swear! But it feels so good to swear it all out. I think I do remember some of the moves so maybe I can do at home. Haha. Anyways, that’s us all sweaty in the locker room after the session.

Daphne and me at the reception area! I really like this random photo. Haha!

Group photo!! I really love my #Glow Girls! Such a fun and inspiring bunch of gorgeous ladies.

(Above two photos credits to Carrie!)

Anyways, lets get to the numbers. This was taken on 20th Feb if I’m not wrong. Slight loss of 0.8 KG and the other numbers like BMI and FAT% did go down. Muscle mass went up a little. One thing I must say is that I’ve lost like an inch and a half of the tummy at this point although the numbers don’t show it.

After being on GLOW, I don’t find the need to snack anymore which is great. Oh and eating GLOW before a workout is really great! It gives you the extra boost to last you through the workout.

Before I end this post, please make use of this voucher above to enjoy $8 off for the GLOW Ignite 2.0!

Stay tune to my next post on GLOW BFF Challenge, where I will be talking about my final results and thoughts.


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