Klenspop: Blueberry Violet And Ruby Queen Brown

Klenspop Lens Review


I’m back with another update on Klenspop!
Received two new pairs of lens from Klenspop back in September and finally got time to try them on for the review.
Klenspop Blueberry Violet

Magic Eye Blueberry Violet is one of the two I received this time round. It’s more of a cool tone deep violet lens which looks pretty natural when worn.
Klenspop Ruby Queen Brown

The other pair I got is the Ruby Queen Brown which have more of a complex design that will have the illusion of sparkles when worn.
klenspop blueberry violet close up klenspop ruby queen brown close up

A close up of both the lenses. As you can see, the design for Blueberry Violet is more natural and subtle while the design for Ruby Queen is more loud. The white spaces in the Ruby Queen design gives the illusion of sparkling eyes like a sparkling gem as the name suggests. Graphic Diameter for Blueberry Violet is 13.2mm while Ruby Queen Brown’s graphic diameter is 13.8mm.
klenspop blueberry violet worn

Here’s how the Blueberry Violet looks like when worn. It is similar to a black rimmed lens but if you look closely, you can see the violet tinge of the lenses. Give off a mysterious vibe when wearing this pair of lens.
Klenspop ruby queen brown worn

The Ruby Queen Brown gives off more of a bright eyed look when worn. I enjoy wearing the Ruby Queen Brown more as it brighten up my eyes and has that sparkling illusion. Plus it does makes me look more ‘awake’!

Both pairs are very comfortable when worn and not drying even when I’m staying in an air-conditioned environment for 8 hours straight.

New to Korean lenses and wants to know more and how these lenses looked like when worn?

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