Klenspop: Lens Review 2 

Hello, I’m back with another contact lens review from Klenspop!

First up is the Tears Lens Brown. Diameter is 14.1mm and graphic diameter is 13.3mm. It’s very natural and gives a teary effect when worn.
klenspop tears lens brown

Here’s how it looks when worn. Perfect choice of lens for the Korean Make Up Look! Contact lens can affect the whole make up look too! 🙂

Close up of the eyes with Tears Lens Brown worn.

Next, I have the Rose Mary Gray which is also 14.1mm and 13.3mm in graphic diameter. It’s very similar to the Geos ones I used to wear and love.
klenspop rose mary gray

Gray lens is one of my top choice of color when it comes to contact lens as it is a neutral color that goes well with any eyeshadow I wear. Which means, it suits all sort of people of different skin tones. Plus it does not look as harsh as how some black lens can be. Here’s two looks where I’m wearing the Rose Mary Gray!

Close up of the eyes with Rose Mary Gray Lens worn.

These two pairs of lens are more comfortable I would say and less drying. I really like how natural they look and not having to worry that my eye makeup will clash as they are both neutral colors.

Do check out Klenspop and like their FB Page! They currently still provide free shipping for purchases up to $80!

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