Osaka Beauty Buys: Jill Stuart Blush

Hello Everyone!
Starting 2016 off with a beauty post, this is a beauty oriented blog afterall. 😉 Showcasing my very first Jill Stuart Blush here!

When I first started makeup, Japanese makeup always appeal to me with their quality products and pretty packaging. Though I prefer brands like say Urban Decay for their pigmented eyeshadow etc, Japanese brands still holds a special place with the gorgeous packaging and subtle but pretty colors! Sadly, not all products are easily available in Singapore. And I really very much prefer physical makeup shopping.

So when I was finally in Japan, I knew I had to get at least something from Jill Stuart and Laduree(that’s for another post).

jill stuart blush

I limited myself to just one item as we all know these brands ain’t exactly cheap. I got this Jill Stuart Blsuh at 4200yen if I recall correctly. Not the most expensive but still. What if I don’t like it? I can always get more the next Japan trip.Hahah. With a huge makeup stash and limited space, we have to be sensible although I would very much want to buy everything off the shelves.

jill stuart packaing

Check out the packaging!!! So princess-like and so gorgeous! Love how it came along with a travel blush brush. Making it perfect for travel!

jill stuart blush

I got the mixed blush compact in Milk Strawberry. Love every single color in the pact and how it mixed together to give a sweet pink shade! Swatch below!

jill stuart blush brush

A closer look at the blush. Bristles are soft though I find it a little too fluffy. I prefer denser brushes for blush.


Here’s a swatch after mixing the colors. It’s a nice soft milky pink with slight satin like shimmer. Would be lovely for sweet daily looks.


Close up! Loving the colors! I could probably use them separately if I want too but I guess I’ll just use it together because I love the outcome of the mixture.

Will I want to get more? Yes, I definitely would be picking up more shades the next time I visit a country where Jill Stuart is available. Best to buy in Japan since it will definitely be cheaper there. Haha.

Did I also mentioned that it’s actually very light? It’s a travel friendly product since it came with a brush too!

Till the next post!

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One Response to Osaka Beauty Buys: Jill Stuart Blush

  1. Dea Andriany January 8, 2016 at 1:31 pm #

    Hello! Seriously, Jill Stuart got the MOST beautiful packaging out there and a quality that’s just as good.
    I’ve tried their other products but I’m yet to try their blushes because I haven’t found enough review that’s not from Japanese (since it’s obv the color is geared toward Japanese people).

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