Osaka Beauty Buys: Seatree Art Cosmetics

Seatree Art Cosmetics


Seatree Art cosmetics

I’ve stumbled upon Seatree Art cosmetics as I was searching for the washroom at EST mall after my meal at Koyoshi before I go on to look for my mother and her friends.

I was attracted by the pretty packaging that comes in all sort of designs. Upon further inspection, I realized that for each product they have, there’s at least 4 different designs available for the packaging.

A little research on Google shows that Seatree Art Cosmetics originate from Korea and they only have two outlets in Japan. One being in EST mall in Osaka and the other Sapporo. Each Seatree Art product comes with a choice of packaging so one can choose the packaging that they preferred.

I couldn’t help but picked up a few products due to the pretty packaging choices and also the affordable price point.

Seatree Art hand cream

The first item that I’ve picked up is this super cute tub of hand cream with Little Twin Star as the design. There’s Hello Kitty too but I didn’t quite like that packaging. This hand cream is in the scent of ザクロ which is Pomegranate. I can’t really remember the exact price but this should be around 620 yen. There a total of 4 scents to choose from and each scent has 4 different packaging for you to choose from. Hand cream is made in Korea.

Seatree Art uv powder

I also got this UV Loose Powder in Light as there’s a promotion going on. The powder plus a trio eyeshadow color is at a set price of 2000 yen if I remember correctly. The normal price per item is about 1300~1500 yen or so. The powder comes in two variants, one with UV and one without. Both variants have 3 shades available. Powder is made in Korea.

Seatree Art trio shadow

This is the eyeshadow trip that I’ve got. They did not specify but it does looks like a baked mineral eyeshadow to me. Back of packaging states that it’s made in Italy.

Seatree Art trio eyeshadow

Here’s a swatch of the eyeshadow trio. Color payoff is decent and has that pearly finish. If I remember correctly, there’s a total of 5 color choices for the trios.

Seatree Art cube eyeshadow

One last item I picked up is also an eyeshadow. This caught my eye as its termed as a cube eyeshadow that comes with 9 shades. And it’s only about 1100~1300 yen. There’s several shades available but I picked this as I like the variety of colors and the pastel tones. The other variants are more towards different tones and shades of one color.

Seatree Art cube eyeshadow

Here’s the swatch for the cube shadow. The color payoff ain’t as good. I would say the trio has better payoff. But it’s decent and gives a nice sheen of color on the lids. A check on the packaging and it’s made in P.R.O.C. I do like it and for the price which is probably about SGD$15 or so, it’s pretty worth it. But I probably won’t recommend it if you are someone who prefers more vibrant shadows with better payoff. The trio though slightly more expensive, will be a better choice.

Seatree Art Cosmetics have many other products available too other than those I’ve bought. I’ve seen steam cream, makeup base, blushers etc and more. I really like their concept to allow consumers to choose their preferred packaging.

Worth checking it out if you happen to pass by an outlet.

I have a couple more posts on my Osaka Beauty Buys so stay tuned!




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