Dual Crayon by Maison 21 G, 1+1=3

Dual Crayon by Maison 21G
Dual Crayon by Maison 21G

Maison 21G has recently launched the Dual Crayon, an audacious new product that embodies the bold approach for which the brand is well known. On-trend, nomadic, and innovative, this reimagined version presents a revolutionary approach to bespoke scent creation.

Selecting my scents for the dual crayon

I was invited down to the Duxton Boutique and had a fun time selecting two scent for my very own dual crayon! Wanted something slightly different from my previous concoction that I created; I went for something more fresh and citrusy. As it’s a product that’s portable, I felt that it made better sense for me to pick scents that are more suitable for daily wear.

I ended up with Bergamot Blast and Rhubarb Rhapsody which are both Fresh and Revitalizing scents which makes a perfect combo for a daily day scent! I love how I’ve the choice to wear them individually or combine them together to make a 3rd scent with this nifty module!

Playful, convenient, and effortlessly portable, the Crayon can be slipped into a pocket or handbag. So you can change up your scent easily throughout the day!

Definitely will be a staple in my bag as it’s so handy to bring around!

Like all Maison21G products, the Dual Crayon Eau de Parfum contains only natural haute couture ingredients. Cruelty-free, preservative-free, and without GMOs, CMR substances, or phthalates.

Chic, sexy, and imbued with a nomad spirit, be seduced by Maison 21G’s unique Dual Crayon and reveal your inner scent style. When 1+1=3, nothing is stopping you from keeping your scents rolling, and letting your personality shine.

This revolutionary product is available to purchase online globally on Maison 21G’s website and in Maison 21G Singapore boutiques.

Use my promo code “M21Gjoyceforensia15” for 15% off online!


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