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Frozenage singaporeI first heard of FrozenAge Singapore a couple of weeks back and got introduced to their premium skincare line, Verglas 冰 for anti-aging. As someone who’s constantly on the look out for good skincare products, I was intrigued as although Verglas is formulated in the USA, it’s a local brand.

Dasmond Koh Frozenage

One interesting fact about FrozenAge Singapore is that it is founded by Dasmond Koh, our local celebrity. After learning about the technology used in Verglas, I was sold and decided to invest in the Skincare Set. Will be writing a review after using the products and see it if can help to freeze our age as it claims.

FrozenAge Singapore Dasmond Koh

Update Wee, managed to grabbed a photo with Dasmond Koh while I was at their office to collect the EGA Collagen Drink which I’ve also ordered. More on that in another post!

FrozenAge Singapore Verglas Skincare Set

One of the main ingredients used in Verglas is Marine Embryonic Stem Cells that will help in cell and tissue regeneration. Papaya and Pineapple enzymes and also licorice extract are the other key components which helps in anti-inflammation and exfoliating and conditioning the skin. Another reason I decided to get this is because my skin is super sensitive and can get inflamed pretty easily. Anything that is anti-inflammation is a plus point to me.

Frozenage verglas

Verglas 冰 does not have the fancy packaging that I love. Instead, the packaging is very minimalist and clean. One thing I love is that all the products comes with a pump which makes it so much more convenient and you can control the amount of product use. After using many different kinds of packaging, I prefer those with pumps as it’s so much more hygienic and the content in the bottle won’t get contaminated.

Frozenage verglas refreshing cleanser

The star product of the whole line to me is the Verglas Refreshing Cleasner. It has this Encapsulation Technology that will trap the dirt in the cleansing process so the dirt won’t get back into the skin. This is actually pretty interesting and new to me, but from what I heard it’s not exactly a new technology.

Verglas Refreshing Cleanser Demo

I decided to do a quick demo of the cleanser to showcase the encapsulation technology of the cleanser. When I first saw the demonstration, they used a marker but I feel that the properties of a marker and the actual make up that we use are different. Personally I wanted to justify my purchase also. Haha. I piled on concealer, waterproof mascara, liquid liner and two lipsticks that stains my lips on the back of my hand. And indeed it works pretty well! I probably won’t use this to remove my makeup but I think this cleanser can definitely help me to trap any left over traces of makeup that my removal did not manage to remove.

This encapsulation technology is pretty cool right? I’ve just started using the set, so stay tuned to my review soon!

If you’re interested, drop me a line at my email at or LINE me at Joyce.Forensia as Verglas is not available at retailers yet. 🙂

Alternatively, you can contact Jerry from FrozenAge Singapore.

Jerry Chua
Mobile: 9831 4134 (SMS Only)

Remember to quote “Joyce” when contacting him. 🙂

Till the next update!



Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. I purchased the products on my own and everything stated are my honest opinions.


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