Bsoul Facial Treatment Update 3 

Here’s another short update on my bsoul treatment. I’ve a bout of breakout before my fifth treatment due to hormones. I think I have a huge hormonal imbalance issue which in turn affect my skin. In order to optimize the facial treatment, we need to take care of our body too. Some issues might seems to be just on the surface but it’s actually from deep within.

Here’s a shot of my skin before my fifth session.



And this shot is taken right after my sixth session.


I did these two sessions within two weeks instead of in a month as before. This is because my therapist wanted to monitor my skin condition and to ensure that my breakouts are under control and being treated properly.

The treatments helped a lot and my breakouts are slowly healing right after the fifth session. The spots you see on the photo taken after the sixth session are actually dried up scars that definitely take longer to clear. Also, the Bsoul comfort cream that I used at home for my skincare routine really helps in clearing up the pimples too.

I think it is important to have support and trust in both the treatment and products especially for Bsoul which helps to normalize the skin and eventually getting the skin to work at it’s optimal state. And especially in my case because I know that I’m prone to sudden breakouts that can be quite horrible due to my hormonal issues. But I’ve seen for myself how Bsoul have helped to improve my skin condition and also the fact that my breakout takes lesser time to heal up after being on the Bsoul regime for nearly 3 months. That’s why I’ve faith in the Bsoul and trust that it will help my skin heal overtime.

Till the next update.

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