Bsoul Treatment Update

I’ve just ended my fourth Bsoul Treatment at Hygeia so I think its time for a small update about my progress.

Before I go on, here’s a shot of me when I just got back from Hong Kong. The whole face is so bloated and round!

This is right after the third session, my V-shape face is back again. The facial massage techniques used during the treatment helps to reduce the water retention and reduce the bloat.

This is after the fourth session. I still am purging but the acnes are healing a lot faster. It’s a long process to get the skin working at optimal level as I’ve subccumb it to so much chemicals before. However, I’m slowly seeing progress.

Skin analysis after the fourth session. The images on top are before and below are after. Immediate improvement right after the facial treatment.

Till the next update.

For more information:

Check out my first post on the Bsoul Facial treatment with Hygeia.


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