Dyna Perm and Treatment at Artistry

I’m back at Artistry Hair Professional for another round of pampering session for the hair!

It have been two months since I did the Signature Hair Treatment at Artistry and my hair is still in pretty good condition. To be fair, I did not wash my hair before heading to Artistry hence my before photo looks a little messy. Haha.



Elein decided to perm my hair for me to give me a different look. I’ve only perm my hair once back when I was 19 so I’m quite excited to see how I will look like with permed hair again after 6 years. Different from the usual perm treatment, Dyna Perm is used over at Artistry. Similar to the hair treatment that I did, the Dyna Perm is sort of like a treatment perm for the hair while giving the natural wavy effect.

dyna perm


After doing the Dyna Perm, Elein proceed to do the Dyna ABC treatment for me. As the name suggest, the ABC consist of three steps to help repair and lock the nutrients into our hair. And of course, we need to steam the hair to allow the nutrients to be absorbed.

Dyna ABC Treatment


This is after blow dry. I can have nice curls now without using the curling tongs! Just need to twist and blow and I’m done!

Dyna Perm Effect


Thanks to Elein once again for the pretty hair. I cannot emphasize this enough, but looking for a good and trusty hair stylist is important. Your hair can really affect how your look so it’s good to invest in it.

And I’ve actually read about a perm job gone wrong for a Malaysian lady online while I was getting my hair permed by Elein. But as I trust Elein, I did not worry for a single moment that my hair will go wrong. Over at headlines, stylists use only high quality treatment products like Dyna Perm and will add on proteins and nutrients products based on the condition of the client’s hair to achieve the effect and at the same time protecting the hair.


headlines elfin IMG_3407.JPG


A back view of the hair before I end the post. I’m loving how the curls fall on my back nicely if I choose to wear it loose like that. I also must say that this is so much easier to maintain as compared to my perm last time. I just have to separate my hair into two parts, twist it and use the hair dryer to blow a little and the curls will come alive. 5 minutes and I’m done! 

dyna perm effect


Look for Elein at Artistry Hair Professional at International Plaza and quote my name ‘Joyce’ to get 10%-30% off depending on the hair services that you are doing. Do call and make an appointment before heading down!

Artistry Hair Professional

Address : 10 Anson road #03-32 International plaza Tanjong Pagar. (Right above the MRT) 

Tel: 62219255

Mon-Fri: 10.30-8.30pm 

Sat : 10.30-7pm 

Sun: Close

Email: artistryhairsg@gmail.com

FB: https://www.facebook.com/ArtistryhairSG/

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