Marble Collection

This is a super belated post as the Marble Collection happened more then a month ago. Here’s a selca of me before I cut my bangs~

I was with Kiyomi at the show~~ She’s really Kawaii, there’s Japanese swooning over her when they saw her! XD

Mirai and Claire was there too! Must take group photo!

The first opening act was Evangelion inspired!! I love love the song and the anime!!


Spot Wendy, my dear fellow MFP blogger on the runway with the Japanese models!!

Gothic Lolita. If I managed to lose enough weight one day, this is one look I’m dying to try!

Enjoyed myself fully at the show! It’s was an interesting an eye opening show for me! Kawaii 万歳!

Ending this post with an OOTD~ My best rendition of Japanese street style~ (Very much toned down)


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