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Budget Fashion Haul 

I’m am sure those who know me or follow me on Instagram (@joyceforensia) knows that I spend quite a bit of money on shoes and makeup.
However, I’m not one to spend on clothes and bags. Fashion trends changes way too quickly to justify spending big bucks on clothes and bags that are in trend. I once bought a bag close to $300 but I ended up using it less than 5 times. After that, I decided not to spend so much on bags as I tend to ‘ill-treat’ my bags anyways. Hahaha.
Back to the topic, I went shopping at Vivo recently and managed to purchased 4 items under $50.

I love buying basics at Forever 21, low prices and decent quality. Got a basic black tank, a simple V neck tee shirt in mint and a bandage skirt in dark green. And I only spent $26 dollars on these 3 items.

Basics are great as they never go out of trend and they are comfortable! To me, fashion should never be following the trend blindly. Find a style you like and is comfortable in. I love my basics paired with a statment fashion piece. It can be my bold Melissa heels or a patterned or bright colored outer wear.

I also got this pair of chic sandals with cute owl motifs from Tangs Vivo and it is only retailing at $19.90. I’m always more pro sandals than slippers. I always think that it is ok to be casual heading to town but slippers are kind of sloppy so defintely sandals for me anytime!

Fashion is a style and you define the style you want to portray. We dont have to spend loads of money just to be fashionable. Remember, comfort and confidence never goes out of fashion!



Milch ~ Bikini Heaven

Hi ladies!!!

I’m here to introduce to you an awesome bikini shop!

Milch located @Scape Underground B-27 is the brainchild of my personal friend, Joey. She’s passionate and believes in quality over quantity. Which is why Milch provides a variety of bikinis and monokinis in many gorgeous designs but only in limited quantity. One such example would be their star product, the vintage high waist bikinis which are making a huge comeback in the current trends.


Milch have kindly sponsored me and some other gorgeous bloggers two sets of bikinis each. But to put in a fair word, before this I’ve already purchased some items from her shop before this collaboration. If you noted the colorful checkered vintage crop swim top I wore in Phuket Day 3, that was from Milch!

Milch logo ends with a little puppy as Joey herself is a dog lover and have a super adorable Pomeranian.


Milch also ensures that her customers only buys what looks nice on them! She ensures that I try on the pieces that I’ve chosen and that I could fit before allowing me to bring home as I’m blessed with a well endowed chest. Even before if I wanted to purchase something from her, she make sure I head to the changing room first.

Below, is a red polka dot bandeau bikini (U.P $29.90) that I’ve chosen out of the two sponsored sets. The other is the high waist set.


Here’s the high waist piece that I’ve tried on. It’s a bandeau bikini top with a black ruffled high waist bottom (U.P $55). For those who are well endowed like me or just wanted extra security can opt to transform the bandeau into a halter with an additional bikini string.



I’ve actually never done a bikini shoot before as I don’t exactly have the best figure out that. But I figured that taking bikini shots at the beach is better than taking it at home. Haha. Which I’m glad I did because the photos turned out well and I’ve got myself a new blog banner at the same time. 😛

So here’s the set of me wearing the red polka dot bikini.

Me trying to do the fling hair thingy. Turns out pretty good. Hehe.


My current new DP on my social media platforms. The angle is just right.


I like this shot as it gives the illusion that my tummy is flat. I swear I did not photoshop this as I’ve edit all my photos on MTXX on my ipad. All I did was layer on filters and smooth things out. 😛



A more cool looking shot that has a closer look at the bikini. The bandeau top is in between a half and 3/4 cup for me. Pretty secure with the addition of the bikini string for extra support. Wore it for the whole day and there’s no hints of slipping and I don’t have to pull anything. 😛



Red Polka dot is supposed to be a cute design. So I decided to do a subtle cute pose. Haha.



Now let’s move on to the star product. The Vintage High Waist Bikini. I’ve picked out this Aztec bandeau top with the black ruffles bottom as it’s a good choice to change the tops. With the black high waist bottom, I can just wear any bikini top I like.



The ruffled details on the front also made the high waist black bottom a little more interesting.



And here’s a walking out of the water shot. No there’s no haze when I did this shoot. It’s just the editing. 😛




Noticed the hand harness that I’ve worn? I’ve purchased this from Milch previously!




Milch carries a range of feet accessories for you to dress up your feet when you’re at the beach. However, I’ve always wanted a hand harness in similar design so I requested for a customized order. Yes, all the accessories at Milch are hand made.


Sitting by the beach and waiting for a hunk to approach me shot. LOL. Joking. 😛


I personally really like this shot with the wind blowing the hair. Hehe.


Ending with a candid shot of me after attempts of flipping the hair. I really like the smile I had on that showed some teeth. And this is really rare cause I don’t usually smile with teeth.


Special Promotion for FJF Readers!!

First 5 to quote “Joyce/Forensia” at Milch will get to purchase their High Waist Bikinis at $40 instead of the usual $55!! That is a total of $15 savings which is a lot!



You can also get 10% off by quoting my name! 😛


Current Promotion going on at Milch for GSS:

2 Sets of Bikinis @ $50 (UP $29.90 each)

2 Sets of High Waist Bikinis @$100 (UP $55 each)

Don’t wait! It’s summer time, haze is clearing up! Go buy a bikini and head to the beach. Or buy a bikini as an excuse for a beach holiday! 😛



French Couture Week

Attended the French Couture Week at the beginning of the month with Don. Thanks Samsung SG for the tickets!

Our OOTDs~

Couture dress on display at the reception. Love the train of the dress~

Take a look at the runway~ Stage made like a palace with faux fire~ Visual impact is definitely there.

While waiting for the show to start, it’s the time to camwhore a little~ XD

I did not managed to take much shots off the runway. But here’s two~ I noted that galaxy prints is definitely still in trend.

Bold colors mixed with black, toning it down which giving the sophisticated touch.

Couture is a form of art, its a sense of fashion not many can appreciate. It is elegance, art and fashion in one.

FJF have always been blogging on beauty mainly, but my love for fashion is huge. Hindered only by my size, I hardly blog about my take on fashion. Now I’m going embrace myself fully and will include fashion posts here. I personally have a unique fashion preference which I love to share with you all~



Marble Collection

This is a super belated post as the Marble Collection happened more then a month ago. Here’s a selca of me before I cut my bangs~

I was with Kiyomi at the show~~ She’s really Kawaii, there’s Japanese swooning over her when they saw her! XD

Mirai and Claire was there too! Must take group photo!

The first opening act was Evangelion inspired!! I love love the song and the anime!!


Spot Wendy, my dear fellow MFP blogger on the runway with the Japanese models!!

Gothic Lolita. If I managed to lose enough weight one day, this is one look I’m dying to try!

Enjoyed myself fully at the show! It’s was an interesting an eye opening show for me! Kawaii 万歳!

Ending this post with an OOTD~ My best rendition of Japanese street style~ (Very much toned down)



A dress for every Occasion~

A woman can never have enough dresses. We always need a different dress for different occasion. Though it’s never easy to find the right dress for the right occasion or one that fits nicely.

Personally, I prefer to shop for shoes, bags and accessories more then shopping for dresses. Simply because there’s limited places for me to shop at due to me having a bigger frame and bosom. I cannot count the number of times I tried on a dress that I like, but it can’t fit at the chest area. >~<

Hence it was a pleasant surprise for me when I know that Occasion carries a variety of sizes for all their dresses! Regardless if you’re of a bigger frame like me, or have a petite frame, you will definitely find something that fits!

I tried on about 6 dresses and the cutting for all is super flattering. This is like one of the rare times where I try on dresses happily. Hee~

These pretty cupcakes were specially prepared for the “Blogger Sunday”. We get to take our time looking at all the pretty dresses and enjoying sweet treats at the same time! How thoughtful!

There’s also yummy chocolate tarts~~ No worries about eating too much, the dresses here don’t show it. 😛

Occasion have a wide variety of dresses and the short dresses are prices at $88. They also provide Bridesmaid Dresses Package and each dress can go as low as $62.25 depending on the bundle deals.

If you are a bride to be, this is the place to come and get dresses for your bridesmaids! Be it same colored dresses in different designs or even the same designs in rainbow colors! Just take your pick!!

Just out the detail in the photo above!

Occasion also carry long dresses!

Priced at $138 – $168, which I find very reasonable. Some of the dresses are ROM worthy! And if you do have a Black Tie event to attend, this is the rack that you should be checking out!

Corsages and other accessories can also be found at Occasion! Look at the lovely colors!

Tube dresses in more sophisticated darker colors. From the sweet pastels to these elegant tones, they really have it all.

Shawls can also be found at Occasion in a variety of colors to suit your dress!

The first dress I tried on is this mint chiffon pleated dress. Sweet and perfect for a Causal Formal event.

Second dress I tried on is this red frills dress. It might seems more orange but it’s due to the slight yellow lighting in the changing room. Don’t you think the frills at the bottom is so cute!! XD

I love the material too! So comfy!! And the color is really cheerful!

Peach Spag dress that I’ve tried on. This dress comes with padding which means you can keep your bra at home. Haha~ Do you see how the dress falls nicely? Loves!!

I love the professionalism by the sales staff too! I actually asked for an L size to try on for the above dress but she pass me a M size because the cutting of the dress is bigger. And she’s right, it fits nicely! They also help by adjusting the dresses, zipping us up and tying up the ribbons in a way that makes us look slimmer. 😛

As I’ve mentioned, they have long dresses at Occasion too and how could I not take the chance to try on a few~ I love this black dress as it not only made me look slimmer but taller too! Super tempted to get this dress but I don’t really have a good Occasion to wear it to. All my cousins of age are already married. LOL. Maybe when one of the Cousins* gets engaged or married, I could get a long dress for the Occasion then!

Brought YingZi along with me to shop as I knew she love dresses! She looks super lovely in the white long dress above!!

Here’s us in the same dress, different colors, different sizes. Get what I mean when I say that Occasion have a wide range of sizes for the petite like YingZi and for the bigger framed girls like me?

This dress is unique in a way that the shoulder part can be wore in several ways. You can just leave it down or tie it into a bow knot. One dress different looks!

All the designs found in Occasion are designed by local designers. Although they do not provide customization, you can definitely find something that you want as the variety there is huge!

Also tried on this sophisticated halter neck dress and it look good too! This is good for either work or dinner. Just throw on a blazer for a more professional look!

A photo with fellow MFP blogger Xinyi!! And that’s my loots there on the floor~ Haha.
I’ve ended up buying two dresses which I just have to top up the difference after offsetting with the $100 vouchers that Occasion has kindly offered us. Can you guess which dresses I bought? Not the long ones, the short ones.

I got the red frilly dress and the purple halter neck one! XD

I believe that I will definitely go back and get some of their long dresses! Too pretty to pass!!

Now you know where to go if you needs a dress for your Prom, Formal Dinners, ROM or dresses for your bridesmaids!

Occasion have two outlets located at Raffles City #03-29B  and 100AM Shopping Mall (Amara Hotel) #02-18. The outlet featured is the 100AM outlet, which is also the bigger boutique.

Occasion is also a sister boutique of JOOP.