I was invited for a skincare event out on the sea sometime back in end of June. It’s for the launch of SkinBiotics, a supplement that works with your daily regime for healthier and younger looking skin!

Before I go on about the product, let’s take a look at some photos taken that day on the yacht!

With Karen and Yingzi~

A photo with the Captain of the yacht. 😛

Us beauty bloggers, relaxing at the front deck~

We have with us, Dr David Tan to explain to us about SkinBiotics and it’s formulation etc and also sharing with us about skincare, aesthetics and even weight loss. It was a super enriching event with Dr Tan.

Some of the other lovely ladies at the event~

That’s us and Dr Tan, relaxing by the front deck having a Q&A session.

Now it’s on to the main point of this post, SkinBiotics! Available in 3 formulations, there’s sure to be one for your skin condition. I have only Reactiv 01 and 02 as 03 was not available yet at the point of the event. Reactiv 03 is the one in yellow packaging and is for Oily and Blemished skin. 02 is for Matured and Dry skin while 01 is for Dull and Uneven Skin.

01 are in the form of red capsules and I must say the capsules are pretty big. You can take two formulations together at any one time but not 3. So if you have acne problems and you want lighter and more even skin, you can mix 01 and 03 together.

02 is in the form of pink capsules. As it’s for matured and dry skin, this is normally recommended for ‘older’ people. But I would say, never too early for anti-aging.

Two boxes would be enough for its recommended dosage of 2 capsules every day for 8 weeks where you will be able to see results. That’s what I did and I have observed, smoother and brighter skin. I’ve also noticed that my dark spots went slightly lighter and that I do not have as much redness as compared to before incorporating SkinBiotics into my regime. I feel that my usual skincare are better absorbed too.

The main ingredient in SkinBiotics is Algalpex, a marine algae which helps improves skin texture etc from within. SkinBiotics also provides UV protection for all sorts of harmful UV rays. I do not even have to worry about the indoor UV rays as I know that SkinBiotics covers it all.

One other thing that I’ve observed is that I no longer need that much foundation to anymore as my skin tone is so much more even and smoother.

If you ask me if it works, it definitely works for me.

SkinBiotics is available at Watsons!

Do visit SkinBiotics FB page for more information!


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