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Playboy Condoms : Now You Can Play Hard & Play Safe

Playboy Condoms in Singapore

When it comes to Playboy products, what will you think of? For me, it will be the Playboy perfumes that are available locally.

Now, they have launched their line of condoms and lubricants in the local market. You can finally have more choice of brands when it comes to having safe sex.


Play Hard, Play Safe, Playboy!

playboy condoms

As with the tagline, Playboy encourages fun, safe fun. In this modern society, there’s definitely a lot of fun going out there. And sure you can have all the fun you want, as long as you play it safe with Playboy! ūüėČ And Playboy is totally changing the condom game with a whole new meaning of sexy for men. Just look at that packaging!


It’s important to practice safe sex these days! With all the fun and enjoyment, you won’t want to be crying and facing the frustration of the aftermath when accident happens.

With the introduction of Playboy Condoms, it’s a whole new meaning to having safe sex! With Playboy, even men can be sexy! And most importantly, practice safe sex with Playboy to avoid all the unwanted mess. Both men and women want to have fun, and with Playboy condoms, it makes the whole fun experience safe for both parties!

Remember, Play Hard, Play Safe, Playboy!

The Launch

playboy condom launch

The Playboy condom launch party was held at Suites 26. Where’s more apt than a club to launch a condom line right? The place was decorated with balloons and if you have sharp eyes, you will notice some of the condom balloons! It’s definitely a cute idea for people to touch and feel those condoms without looking awkward!

Playboy condoms is available in pack of 3 or 12 and can be purchased at Watsons, Guardian, Red Mart, Buzz and Hao Mart!


The range of Playboy lubricants is also available in 5 different variants. Safe to use with the Playboy condoms, massage and for a little added fun in the bedroom. (^-^)

More information at Playboy Singapore FB page!



WordCamp Singapore 2016 – Don’t Miss it!

Calling out to all fellow bloggers and all WordPress users!

WordCamp Singapore is happening this coming 6th September!

wordcamp singapore mascot

Singapuu- WordCamp Singapore Mascot

If today you are serious about blogging and creating a great website, WordCamp Singapore is an event you should not miss! This is an event where professional developers, successful bloggers, designers and many others using WordPress come together and just share knowledge!

There’s a lot to be shared and learnt during WordCamp. Imagine the many possibilities you can do to your WordPress site with the new knowledge gained! And if you have any questions about WordPress, this is probably the time to go around asking the right people from the WordPress team itself to get your answers!

How I Started Using WordPress

I remembered that my very first website was built upon Yahoo! Geocities way back before I had my first blog on during my secondary school days. I then went on to explore many different blog hosting services like livejournal, blogger and many others before settling on WordPress.

Back when I first started blogging, I never thought I will one day have my own domain and actually host my very own site! Was never a very technical person and all those codes, be it html, css or whatever other codes there are out there simply just gave me headaches. I must say that WordPress have made it all very simple for me.

I was first introduced to WordPress back in 2011 when I blogged for MyFatPocket. And after blogging on it for 3 years, it’s only apt for me to stick to WordPress since it’s so easy to use!

I did go one big round from using to having my self-hosted site using WordPress.Org. But trust me, it’s really easy to install. If I can do it, anyone can do it. All you have to do is follow instructions because everything you need to know is on the WordPress Forums.

WordPress is probably one of the simplest and most customizable CMS out there I would say. For someone like me hosting a simple blog to companies hosting a full-fledged websites/ E-commerce stores, the possibilities are endless.

Speakers At WordCamp Singapore

WordCamp Singapore consisted of many talks hosted by professionals who have been using WordPress. What is it that they have done right that we have not? This is the time to find out from them!

And I’m sure most of you will find these three speakers very familiar if you’re active in the local blogging scene! Don’t miss this chance to find out their secrets!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 00.59.31 Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 00.59.46 Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 01.00.00

And of course, there are a lot more great speakers coming from all over the world to sunny little Singapore to share their experiences! Check out the full list of speakers here!

WordCamp Singapore 2016 Information

Date: 6th September 2016

Venue: Microsoft Singapore, Level 21, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989

Registration starts from 8.30am, full schedule here¬†–>¬†

Get your tickets here –>¬†

Key in coupon code “JoyceForensia” to enjoy 20% off the tickets! (Coupon code is only valid till 16th August, so don’t take too long to decide!)

I’ll be there at WordCamp Singapore so do say hi if you see me around ok? Did I mention that there’s an after-party after all the talks? It’s definitely a good time for networking, be it for business or personal! ūüėČ

See you there!



Event: Grand Plastic Surgery 

Grand Plastic Surgery Over the weekend, I attended an event hosted for Grand Plastic Surgery at Orchard Central. Grand Plastic Surgery is one of the top leading Plastic Surgery Hospital in Korea with leading surgeons in their team. They are located in Gangnam, Garosugil in Seoul as a stand alone building with 21 stories to cater to the needs and convenience of their patients. Some fun statistics told to us is¬†that Singaporeans made up of 8% of the international patients of Grand Plastic Surgery. Nose and breast surgeries seems to be the popular procedure among this 8%. Also, there’s quite a number who flew all the way to Korea for revision procedures on areas that they might have procedures already done locally or elsewhere. ¬† IMG_0674.JPG Blogger GollyLocks sharing her experience on her plastic surgery journey with Grand Plastic Surgery. She did quite a major procedure which is the jaw surgery. And I do find that she now has a softer look compared to before based on my memory of her. ¬† IMG_0673.JPG One to one consultation with Dr Rhee Se Whan from Grand Plastic Surgery (Deputy Director/Specialised Plastic Surgeon). I guess this is exactly how the consultation will be done in actual. The doctor will access your features and advice you on your problem areas with a translator at the side. The doctor will also be drawing simple diagrams to show you your problems and how it should be rectify and what are the procedures recommended. ¬† IMG_0671.JPG I¬†took the chance for a consultation with Dr Rhee too. As you all know, my nose is always a concern for me. So according to the professional advice from Dr Rhee, I have a pretty short and wide nose. Short is probably cause I don’t even have a bridge to start with. Haha. He looked at my side profile and drew out the outline showing that my forehead is pretty protruding(No need fat grafting. LOL) which makes my nose seems more sunken into the face. I can’t remember the actual terms used for the procedures he recommended, but basically is silicone to build a bridge, lengthening the tip of my nose and also to cut of the sides of the nose to make it smaller. I also asked Dr Rhee for other recommendations on other procedures that I might need for my face. He recommended me to do fat grafting on my smile lines as they are pretty deep which I agree and also to melt the fats around my jawline. ¬†Also, I got to know that even fats have different survival rates according to the areas. Hence, the fats from the thighs are usually used for fat grafting procedures as the fats there is of the highest quality. (Is that why it is so difficult to get rid of the fats there?)

Will I be going for these procedures some might ask? At my current age, which is soon to be 25 as of this post, I think it is still too early for me to make any permanent changes to my face. To be honest, I really would love to have a higher nose bridge (I think my wide nose is quite proportionate to my big face) but I’m still quite apprehensive against the idea of having silicone in my face for the rest of my life. Yes, we can use the cartilages either from the ribs or hips instead but that would actually leave a scar as I’m told. I also think that I’m still at the age where my features are still changing over time and it might change slightly once I stopped being lazy and start working hard to get rid of those unwanted fats. So I guess, no invasive procedures for me at this point of time but I don’t mind doing fillers again though. ūüôā

XOXO, Joyce.Forensia


MTG Singapore: ReFa Carat

I believed that some of you have heard of the ReFa Carat and other devices under the same series. The main company behind this beauty device, MTG have launch in Singapore few months back, distributing the product line under their own. The ReFa is an award winning beauty device and is very popular in Japan.


The star product of the ReFa series will be the ReFa CARAT. This device got its inspiration from the kneading techniques from the professional aestheticians. It is designed to allow users to have the same feeling of being massaged by a human with the firm kneads from the 2 rollers. It is mainly for use on the face but can be also be used on the body. There’s a ReFa Body device too, specially designed to be use on the body only.


I volunteered myself for the showcase of how using the ReFa Carat can produce almost instant results. When the ReFa Carat is being used on me, I felt as if I’m massaged by hand and not the device. Using the device on the right areas can help with lymphatic drainage.


I took a photo of my face immediately after the demonstration. Did you notice any difference? If you look closely, the right side of my face(left on the photo you’re looking at) is slightly firmer and slimmer. The ReFa Carat produce results almost instantly. However, I won’t say the results are lasting. But I believed if you use the device everyday, it will definitely give you the firm and lifted look everyday. And it does feel good to be using the ReFa Carat to massage the face after a long day.


Here’s a photo with Verlyn!


Trying the ReFa Carat on my own. It’s not that difficult to use, gentle rolling motions can produce the firm kneads due to the design. Did I also mentioned that the ReFa Carat works on Solar Power? No need to worry about the battery life! As long as there is light, you can roll your way to a smaller face!


Special promotion for my readers. Enjoy a 10% e-discount with the promo code “MTGjoyce” when shopping at¬†¬†!

Check out this video on the ReFa Carat!

Happy shopping!




Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Search for Miss Prodigieuse!

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse has been in the market for the longest time since 1991. It’s one of the very first dry oil created. With the trend using of dry oils getting very popular among ladies nowadays, it remains as one of the top selling dry oil in the world. Now, Nuxe have launch the Huile Prodigieuse proper with their new bottles with the artwork of a “Miss Prodigieuse”. Read on to find out how you can be Miss Prodigieuse!

nuxe huile prodigieuse


The Huile Prodigieuse has a¬†97.8% natural formula consisting of 6 precious plant oils from Macadamia, Hazelnut, Borage, Sweet Almond, Camellia and St John’s Wort. It is rich in Vitamin E to help nourish our skin and hair. Huile Prodigieuse can also be used on the face. Add it to your night skin care routine for to hydrate the face overnight!



Huile Prodigieuse comes in two different variation. One is the original dry oil and one is the Huile Prodigieuse OR which is the golden shimmer version that will add on a glow on the skin and hair.

I would not personally recommend the OR version on the face but it is great for the body and hair to add on a subtle shimmery glow. I personally love using the Huile Prodigieuse dry oil for the hair to tame my frizzy ends and make it look moisturize and healthy!


Huile Prodigieuse


Huile Prodigieuse OR

Stand a chance to win up to $15,000 worth of cash and prizes just by snapping a photo of yourselves with a bottle of the Huile Prodigieuse or the Huile Prodigieuse OR and uploading it onto the NUXE Singapore Facebook page! Simple as that! They are currently at John Little at Plaza Singapura from now till 22nd October! Go check out the goodness of the Huile Prodigieuse yourself!



Good Luck!