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I believed that some of you have heard of the ReFa Carat and other devices under the same series. The main company behind this beauty device, MTG have launch in Singapore few months back, distributing the product line under their own. The ReFa is an award winning beauty device and is very popular in Japan.


The star product of the ReFa series will be the ReFa CARAT. This device got its inspiration from the kneading techniques from the professional aestheticians. It is designed to allow users to have the same feeling of being massaged by a human with the firm kneads from the 2 rollers. It is mainly for use on the face but can be also be used on the body. There’s a ReFa Body device too, specially designed to be use on the body only.


I volunteered myself for the showcase of how using the ReFa Carat can produce almost instant results. When the ReFa Carat is being used on me, I felt as if I’m massaged by hand and not the device. Using the device on the right areas can help with lymphatic drainage.


I took a photo of my face immediately after the demonstration. Did you notice any difference? If you look closely, the right side of my face(left on the photo you’re looking at) is slightly firmer and slimmer. The ReFa Carat produce results almost instantly. However, I won’t say the results are lasting. But I believed if you use the device everyday, it will definitely give you the firm and lifted look everyday. And it does feel good to be using the ReFa Carat to massage the face after a long day.


Here’s a photo with Verlyn!


Trying the ReFa Carat on my own. It’s not that difficult to use, gentle rolling motions can produce the firm kneads due to the design. Did I also mentioned that the ReFa Carat works on Solar Power? No need to worry about the battery life! As long as there is light, you can roll your way to a smaller face!


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Check out this video on the ReFa Carat!

Happy shopping!



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