Swatch: HyperCosmos Eyeshadow Duo from Maybelline

New in by Maybelline, we have the HyperCosmos Baked Eyeshadow duo available in 7 gorgeous choices. The duos comes in two complimentary colors so you do not have to think too much about matching the colors! Well other than matching it to the color of your clothes. XD

First up, we have blues and the green. From left to right, we have BU-1,  LG-1 and CH-1.

I’m pretty sure that you have noticed that one side is of a solid color and the other, a lovely blend/swirl of pigments.

Here’s the swatches. Pigmentation of these colors are ok, not too bad. I believe the colors would be more intense if applied wet. My favorite out of the 3, will definitely be LG-1 in the center. I’m loving the combination of the blue and that shimmery green,

Now here we have 2 of the most earthly tones out of the 7. WN-1 on the left and CP-1 on the right. Neutrals are the best colors that all skin tones can bring off.

And the pigmentation of these 2 are definitely better than the blue and greens somehow. I would say WN-1 the one on top is a lovely combination but I love the browns of CP-1 as they are really nice and soft.

The last 2 we have are the pinks and peach. LV-1 on the left and PC-1 on the right. These are for those who prefer light shades on their lids.

Pigmentation wise is as good as the earth colors. Very smooth and buttery texture. I would say these 2 are my top favorites out of the 7 colors! LV-1 on top and PC-1 on the bottom.

I would recommend the earthly and the pinkish ones for this range. Simply because I find that the blue and greens lack in pigmentation and is slightly too shimmery for my liking. I love my greens and blues but the ones here kind of disappoint me. Luckily, the other 4 make it up for the range. I really like PC-1, it’s great for everyday use!

If I were to rate it, a 2.5/5 for the blues and greens and a 3.5/5 for the other 4 colors.

These HyperCosmos Eyeshadow Duos are priced at $17.90 each and can be found in major departmental stores, Watsons and Guardian etc.


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