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Hi all! Some of you might remember that I’ve once did a collaboration with Wishtrend on a blind test project some time back.

Wishtrend is now sponsoring Korean skincare and cosmetics monthly to a group of bloggers and I’m one of them. Let’s cut the story short and check out what they have sent me this month!

Skin & Lab products!

I’ve received a full sized C Plus Brightening Vitamin Cream which is one of the top 3 best sellers in the Skin & Lab range on Wishtrend.com. As the name suggest, it’s a Vitamin C cream that helps to improve skin tone and brightening.

I’ve also received samples of various vitamin creams in the Skin & Lab range of products. How does Skin & Lab products work you might wonder.

There’s Vitamin A for firming, B for acne, C for brightening, E for moisture and K for redness. You can mix and match the vitamin cream and apply them according to your skin condition. For example, using B and K together when targeting acne. B to help treats the acne and K to reduce the redness left or caused by acne. As our skin condition changes from time to time, there’s never one product that will work for us forever. With Skin & Lab range of vitamin cream, we can target different problems by using a different combination mixed on our own.

Skin & Lab products ranges from USD 10.99 to USD 25.99. The full set of vitamin cream cost USD 63 which is very worth as each individual tube cost USD14.99 to 15.99.

Wishtrend is offering a USD5 discount to all newly registered account. So take this chance to make use of the discount and happy shopping! Discount code below!

Quite excited on what will I receive next month! Can’t wait!


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