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Cocopiel Circle Lens Haul!

OKDGG.com(One stop online shopping site for everything Korean) has kindly sponsored me with another haul and this time is contact lens haul from COCOPIEL! I am someone that could hardly live without contact lens and was pleasantly surprised when introduced to CoCoPiel as they have a huge variety of lenses for me to choose from. It is so hard to find trust-able online retailer for lenses nowadays so I’m glad to know about CoCoPiel.

I chosen four pairs of lenses and they arrived just before Chinese New Year! Comes with freebies too! I got two collagen mask and a super cute hair band that I’m using it for my Blythe. 😛


The lenses are well packed into individual boxes that comes with a lens case. This is what all retailers, be it online or physical stores should provide. The local stores always just give me one lens case when I purchased 4 pairs of lenses.


The lenses on CoCoPiel are categorized by colors so it’s pretty easy to browse through the huge variety they have. They also have Toric and Hydrogel lenses available. They also have crazy lenses that are suitable for Cosplay! Do note that the prices stated are for zero degree lenses only. You have to add USD6 for a pair of lens with power.

I got a pair of blue, grey, green and violet lens respectively. Here’s a close up of the lenses in their bottles. I love the grey pair with the star design, it’s call Cutie Grey if I’m not wrong! It’s available in brown too! These lenses can be used up to 6 months to a year. But I’ll probably just wear them for 3 months max. Be sure to soak them with new solution for at least 4 hours after removing them from the glass bottles!

contact cu

Here’s a close up of my eye, wearing the Fresh Glow Violet pair. I like how it brighten up my eyes and looked natural despite the bright colors. The diameter of the lens is 14.2 mm which I think is just nice. I’ve tried lenses with bigger diameter but those are slightly too over the top for my preference.


Here’s a selfie to show the overall effect. I like the dolly effect the lens produced.


I’ve worn the lenses out several times for over 10 hours each time and so far they have been very comfortable! But for those who have dry eyes like me, remember to bring a long eye drops to replenish moisture to your eyes throughout the day!

Check out this Contact Lens 101 post I’ve written previously!



Review: Etude House Vivid Pop Stick

I’ve purchased these Vivid Pop Stick from Etude House some time back when they were having 40% store wide. These are actually in matte formula and I got the four darker brighter shades out of the colors available. I skipped the nudes and light pink and corals as I’m currently in a bright lip phase. Plus I think those colors will be a little chalky looking in matte formula.


These looks more crayon like due to the matte formula and I must say, what you see is what you get. And I love how easily I can draw my lips with these crayons lip sticks.


Here’s a swatch to show how pigmented and vivid these colors are.


And here’s a lip swatch. One thing I’ve noticed about these is that they can be a little drying and get into the lines of your lips after sometime. So it’s best to prep the lips with a balm first. And I must say they look a lot brighter in real life.


I also must say that the staying power of the vivid pop sticks are mediocre. They stay if you don’t eat or drink for up to 3-4 hours but if you do, they will be gone in no time. But if you don’t mind touching up since these are easier to bring along and apply, it should not be an issue.

Overall, I rate this a 3.5/5. But I must say I love the color payoff!

The vivid pop sticks are retailing at $14.90 if I’m not wrong.

Hope this helps.



ESYORO Eye Shadow Variation Palette Swatches

I’ve received this ESYORO eye shadow palette from HKC Plaza some time ago and here’s a swatch post! It’s a small and handy compact palette which consists of 8 very pretty and wearable shades.


I would say this is a very versatile palette that allows you to create both day and night looks. It has 4 neutral shades and 4 dark smokey shades to intensify a look.


Here’s a closer look at the colors. All of them are of a shimmer finish for that bright look.
From top left, we have a nice pearl white, a light golden beige, a sweet peach, a shimmery taupe.
From bottom left, a deep royal purple, royal blue, khaki green and a dark metallic grey.


These swatches are a one swipe, dry without any primers. The 4 light shades swatches very smooth and have a soft buttery texture. The darker colors pales in terms of pigmentation and felt a little chalky.


Here’s a closer look at the lighter shades. They all very smooth but I find the glitter a litter chunky. Out of the 4, I find the peach color and the taupe to have the better texture with just enough shimmer.


As for the darker shades, you can see that they are not as smooth and does not swatch as well. I feel that they will fare better when applied over a primer or wet. The purple is a tad disappointing out of the 4. The metallic grey is the smoothest out of the 4. There will definitely be fall out when using these colors so it’s best to powder up the under eye area first or do your base make after.


For 1.5g per pan, this palette retails at $88 at HKC plaza which means each color works out to be $11. It’s not that expensive but you can find better quality shadows palettes at a similar price point.
I rate this a 3/5.



Etude House Pink Play Party Season 4 in Singapore

I went to the Etude Pink Play Party on the 27th August at MBS! Was really excited as I can see Shinee!! Been a long time since their concert in Singapore. But of course, I’m a fan of Etude House too! How can I not be one when they have such pretty packaging. I love their Wonder Pore Freshener!


We were given a passport when we have to get stamps at different experience stations which will then grant us entry into the Talk and Sing stage area. But of course, they did not deny us entry to the stage area despite not completing the ‘passport’. Its just that we won’t be able to be that near the stage.


We have Kelvin Laoshi from Taiwan to demonstrate a quick and simple make up that can be done within 10 minutes. I must say the model is gorgeous! And of course the highlight of the event, SHINEE!!! Need I say more? Haha!


The stage performances were pretty short and sweet, ended within an hour. We can still roam around and try out Etude products at the ‘ Play’ area!


I mentioned that I’ve met up with Sehee, a blogger from Korean and I met her again at the Pink Play Party! As I mentioned, she’s Etude ambassador and she was going around interviewing girls at the event! She’s really very sweet!


Overall the whole event is pretty ok. It is fun to be able to play with all the different kinds of makeup that Etude has to offered! It would have been better if the talk and sing stage area have like seats or something as it was quite tiring to stand throughout.


Wanna be Sweet? Play Etude!



Short Meet Up with Sehee from Korea

I received an email from Sehee about two weeks ago requesting a meet up. She’s one of the ambassadors of Etude House Korea and was in Singapore for the Etude Pink Play Concert. During her stay here, she was looking for a beauty blogger in Singapore to have a short interview with about Singapore beauty scene. And I’m glad to be able to help her with this project of hers.



Here’s a photo with Sehee and her friend for their project. I remembered her name but I don’t really know how to spell it. 😛

It’s was really fun to meet up with them lovely ladies from Korean. We kind of hit it off as we are all of the same age despite the language barrier. I must say that Korean girls are really very pretty and sweet!!



They are also super kind and generous. Look what they gave me in return for helping them!! Too sweet already!!

For those who know Korean, perhaps you could check out Sehee’s blog? http://blog.naver.com/think_sh

Though I don’t know how to read Korean, but her photos are very clear and detailed!

I love how Beauty knows no boundaries and brings people from different places together! Beauty is like a language of its own and that’s why I love it!