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July Mail From WishTrend

Hi all! Am here to share my Korean Goodies from¬†http://www.wishtrend.com/! More skincare and bodycare added to my collection!   First up is this Gentle Moist Aloe Gel from Klair’s! It’s actually a moist for hydrating purpose and also great to use to sooth out burns! Check it out here¬†http://www.wishtrend.com/klairs/260-klair-s-gentle-moist-aloe-gel.html!   And here we have Body […]

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WishTrend: Skin & Lab

Hi all! Some of you might remember that I’ve once did a collaboration with Wishtrend on a blind test project some time back. Wishtrend is now sponsoring Korean skincare and cosmetics monthly to a group of bloggers and I’m one of them. Let’s cut the story short and check out what they have sent me […]

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Wishtrend Blind Test: BB Creams

This is a super overdue post!! I received the BB cream samples back in DEC’11 and I’m only blogging about it now. >~<   Firstly, a swatch of all the 5 samples. You can see that all 5 samples differs by color and texture. Some with yellow under tones, pink undertones, neutral tones. Some are […]

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WishTrend Blind Test: WaterProof Pencil Eyeliners

Hi everyone, here to share with you about my second blind test experience with WishTrend! Received the test subjects in their signature Wishtrend Box! In the box is a postcard with a personal message, along with the test subjects and some samples! XD Testing out eyeliners this time round!! All wrapped up in masking tape […]

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WishTrend Blind Test: Toner

Hi everyone! I’m sure most of you have read my post on the Blind Test Project that I have started on! If not, you can read it over here! So I have tested out the various toners and am going to share my thoughts on the toners today! Before I go into talking about my […]

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Blind Testing by WishTrend

Hi everyone!! Just going to share with you all a very interesting project that I’m starting on, initiated by WishTrend. Blind testing! If you are unsure of what’s blind testing, basically it’s to test various products without any knowledge of it’s brand, labels etc. As many of you know, I am a sucker for packaging. […]

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