Wishtrend Blind Test: BB Creams

This is a super overdue post!!

I received the BB cream samples back in DEC’11 and I’m only blogging about it now. >~<


Firstly, a swatch of all the 5 samples. You can see that all 5 samples differs by color and texture. Some with yellow under tones, pink undertones, neutral tones. Some are creamy, some are thick and some are runny.


I did a half face swatch for the samples. Surprisingly, D is not as white as I thought it would appear on my face. It actually have good coverage too and brightens up my complexion.  A blends in well with my skin tone and have average coverage. B has good coverage, brightens up my skin tone. C blends well but coverage is average. E’s coverage is quite good but the shade is actually a little too light for me.

I would say B and D is the better ones in terms of coverage. However B wins in terms of texture and smell. D has quite a strong smell.


Here’s the full face makeup with the various BB creams as bases. Powders used are all the same. XD

There are 13 other bloggers involved in the test too!

Check out the overall results here!

Wishtrend BB Cream Blind Test Results!


Wishtrend just came out with a new product!

Which is the WISHBOX!

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