SBA X Mary Chia X FJF Pastel Dreams Spa Party Set Up

Hi all! So I’m here to blog about the setting up of my spa party on the day itself! I will be doing another 2 post, one on the actual happenings of the party and also FJFPastelDreamsParty Goodie Bag Revealed!

So on to the setting up process!

I’ve got 2 helpers from my guests who came to my place to help me bring the goodie bags and deco stuff to the Mary Chia Outlet at NEX! So I got them to help me paste the super elementary wall mural I did. I also folded 100 origami hearts with the help of the Mum and got them to paste them all around the place!

Then we have lovely Faith from The Yellow Teacup who came and deliver plus setup the awesome cupcakes!

With Faith, the lovely girl behind the yummy cupcakes! She spent two years on the recipe before actually setting up the business! And I assure you that the cupcakes are really nice! Moist and yummy and not too sweet!

Customizes FJF cupcakes for my Pastel Dreams Party! The flowers and letterings are made from fondant and they taste awesome, like marshmallow candies! Some fondants out there have a heavy flour taste but this one is love! I love them!

I ordered Red Velvet, Green Tea and Earl Grey cupcakes! Red Velvet was the first to go! Haha! But I really like all 3 flavors and super glad that my guests love them too!

Cupcakes are so pretty that my guests who arrived early can’t help but to take photos with! I’m really super glad that I’ve got my cupcakes from The Yellow TeaCup! Mad love the outcome and taste!

So while the cupcakes are being set up, I was busy packing in more goodies into my goodie bags! Here’s the extra goodies sponsored with love from MFP! And also at the same time packing in the complimentary vouchers from Mary Chia to let my guests redeem their 30 minutes treatments!

I also gotten Macaroons from Bakerzin which I set up just before the guests arrive as they can’t be out for too long.

So after checking that all the decos are in place and food all set up. I went around taking some photos before all my guests arrive. 😛 Here’s with the cupcakes!

With the Macaroons! Haha! The two munchies stations are good places to take photos with. 😛

Here’s some of the early birds who’s relaxing at the comfortable sofa seats meant for manicure at Mary Chia while waiting for the party to start.

My one and only male guest, Don. As you all know, Mary Chia has a subsidary Urban Homme for guys, so I decided to invite my vainest guy friend to my spa party! 😛

More guests have arrived but not all so I decided to give them the envelops that is to be used for a mini game segment for them to write down their beauty tips while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. 😛

And while my guests are busy writing down their beauty tips, I confirmed the details of the demonstration that I’ll be doing during the party with Shanice, my therapist from Mary Chia. It’s like taking a last minute crash course. Haha, I was super stressed and nervous too. But thankfully all my guests are super patient with me! XD

Here’s a photo taken with the Mary Chia staff! Shanice on the left! XD

Stay tune to my next posts on the actual happenings of the party! Lots of unglam shots to be revealed! 😛

Meanwhile, vote for me!

I’m the second from the top in my turquoise hello kitty specs! XD

And don’t forget to check out Mary Chia’s FB page! XD

Joyce.Forensia <3

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