SBA X Mary Chia X FJF Pastel Dreams Spa Party Planning Process

As you all know, planning a party ain’t as easy as it seems. This is actually my 2nd time planning a party, the 1st being my 21st party. Thing is I did not really plan much for my 21st except for the theme and mini game.

I think that I at least put in 100 times the effort in planning this spa party. From the theme, to planning of the rundown to getting sponsors for goodie bags to planning of the decoration etc. And also working around the budget given.

My first thoughts is that I want this party to be a simple relaxing affair where I will be sharing my beauty journey with my guests. Then I realized I need a theme and after the help of a dear friend, I came out with the idea of a Pastel Party! Pastel to me equals to dreamy colors and hence the name ” FJF Pastel Dreams Party” .

So after settling the theme of the party, I went on to contact a few possible sponsors in hope of getting goodies for my guests. I was thinking that I want all my guests to bring back something with them so I tried my best to get as much goodies possible. I was lucky and really thankful to the ¬†wonderful sponsors who readily agreed to sponsor the goodies for my guest! They are Vanity Trove, Skin79 (Starasia) and L’Oreal Paris Singapore! And also MyFatPocket who volunteered to sponsor additional goodies! Mad love!

Next would be coming up with an invitation for the party! I created something simple but me! And instead of the conventional email invites, I did the process on Twitter!

Next on the list would be refreshments! I immediately thought of having cupcakes for the party but am not sure where to get the cupcakes from. So after asking on twitter etc, I received an email from The Yellow Teacup who’s really nice to offer me an offer on their cupcakes! So I decided to just order my cupcakes with them and although I have not seen the cupcakes yet, I’m pretty sure they will turn out super awesome and yummy!

I also went to get some macaroons from Bakerzin for fear that cupcakes are not enough for the guests. I’m pretty sure most of my guests will love macaroons too!

I also decided to get two set of special prizes on top of the goodies. One set for Best Dressed and another as a special prize! Here’s what I got for the prizes!

Packed them up into sweet pink bags. ūüėõ

Goodies waiting to be packed up!

More goodies! These are foam sponges and nets which will be used in one of my beauty tip sharing during the party! Share the tip must let you all go home and try with the proper tools! XD

All in the box waiting to be packed up!

And I’ve packed them into cute pink boxes as seen below!

I’m actually quite stressed over the decorations for my party as I’m not an arts and craft person. So I’ve pretty much decided to keep things simple. Really simple. >~<

Hopefully everything will go smoothly at the party later.

And of course, this party is only made possible by Mary Chia. I’ve tried their facial treatments and felt that my skin is so much cleaner and refreshed. Checked out their FB page for beauty tips and more! Did I mentioned that guests at my party will get to enjoy a shoulder massage and hand¬†paraffin treatment compliments from Mary Chia? XD

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Thanks loads!


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