Genting Travelogue: Day 3

Day 3 was our last day in Genting. Or rather last half a day left.

We were up at around 7 am plus and got ready for our breakfast at around 8.30 am. This time, Breakfast is at Level 28 at the World Club Lounge. Just one level up from where our rooms were.

When we enter the lounge, what greeted us was a great view of Genting. We could see the whole of the outdoor theme park and the other hotels from Level 28. Did I mentioned that Level 28 is the highest floor in Genting?

Although it’s not as a wide variety as compared to the breakfast at the Coffee Terrace, there still many things to choose from! There’s french breads with different type of cheese, pratas, eggs in the way you like it, pancakes, seafood salad to porridge and noodles! There’s curry chicken too!

After breakfast, we bid farewell to Casey who was our guide for the whole of the trip! He’s a really nice and friendly guide who ensured that we have fun and was comfortable throughout the trip. My mum actually click quite well with him! XD The trip would not be as fun without him!

We then head back to our rooms and we decided to all move our luggage to my room as it’s the room most accessible to the lift lobby. Us bloggers then decided to leave our mums in the room while we made our way to the Visitor’s Gallery to take a look at Genting’s History. Genting will not have existed if not for it’s founder Dr Lim Goh Tong. He had the idea of building a highland resort while working at Cameron Highlands many years back and went forward with his idea to build Genting. It was quite an eye opener to look through the exhibits and see the revolution of Genting.

After visiting the Gallery, we decided to do some last minute exploring the shops that we passed by the day before. We also get our Baskin Robbins ice cream fix before heading back to the hotel to “collect” our mums! 😛 We were actually thinking that our mums would have went shopping themselves or came down to the lobby to meet us as we are supposed to head down to the coach waiting area at 12 plus.

Ended up our mums were still at the hotel room and the 4 of us, Shine, Miyo, Grace and me decided to play a little prank on our mums. Miyo rang the door bell and then we all ran to hide when one of our mums came to answer the door. Just nice it was Miyo’s Mummy who came to answer the door. It was super funny to hear their remarks on why there’s no on outside from our hiding area. It was also mad hilarious as we were all running with ice cream cones in our hands! 😛

We were caught red handed when an uncle who walked pass reveal to our mums that there were a few girls outside laughing. LOL. It was actually quite a sight when we enter the room though. Our mums were lying/sitting on the bed chit chatting and all. It seem that they had a really good time!

So we rest for a little while before checking out and headed to the coach area to book our seats for the coach. Our coach were actually delayed for one and a half hours. We sat there chatting to pass time while waiting before my mum get attracted to the Char Kuey Tiao smell and went to buy a plate to share. It was quite a sight to see all our mums sharing one plate of Char Kuey Tiao and it’s really cute!

Soon, our coach arrived and it’s a long way back to Singapore!

I really enjoyed myself during this 3D2N trip in Genting with the rest of the bloggers and all our mums! It’s great to be able to know the other bloggers better during this trip! 😛

(Candid of Miyo)

Really super thankful to Resorts World Genting and OMY.SG for such a wonderful experience and memories!

Do consider heading up to Genting if you’re looking for a short getaway from Singapore. There you will enjoy awesome cooling weather and there’s many yummy food! Have a whole day of fun at the theme park and head to the spa to relax! And if you’re interested, you can always try your luck at the Casino! Not forgetting there’s actually the Strawberry and Mushroom farm which you can visit!


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