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Tokyo Travelogue: Visiting Tokyo Tower

Visiting Tokyo Tower: A Dream Come True Being an avid manga fan when I was much younger, I have known Tokyo Tower well through the mangas. Especially in my favourite manga, Magic Knight Rayearth, where the main characters first met each other at Tokyo Tower. So even though there’s a newer Observatory which is the […]

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Tokyo Travelogue: A Day Of Eating!

Tokyo Travelogue: Makan Edition No Tokyo travelogue will do without food. Food is probably the most essential of a trip I would say, especially when you’re travelling in Japan! So I’ve spent a day in Tokyo eating to my heart’s fill before spending the night at Tokyo Tower enjoying the night view~ Tsukiji Fish Market […]

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Tokyo Travelogue: Singapore to Tokyo!

Tokyo Bound: First Flight On Singapore Airlines Being a Budget Traveller previously, it’s my first time onboard a standard airline in economy class. And it’s because there was a promotion and I managed to get tickets to Haneda with insurance and everything else included at $699 per pax. Which I think is a pretty good deal […]

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Exploring Kyoto In A Day

Kyoto: Temple Hopping! I have a day to spend in Kyoto and while doing my research, I picked 3 temples to visit! The main reasons I picked these 3 temples is because they are all along Keihan Line which means I do not have to switch trains from my accommodation. Kiyomizudera – Kiyomizu-Gojo (Keihan Line) […]

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My First AirBnb Experience In Osaka

AIRBNB はじめでの経験 Hello! Finally back with another post on my Osaka trip. This time is about my Airbnb stay! It’s my first time booking an Airbnb and it was a pretty good experience! Plus I think the location of my location was pretty awesome for my trip! Located just 10 minutes from Kayashima station on […]

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Exploring Osaka In A Day

Here’s What I did in Osaka in a day! I flew to Osaka via Scoot during the end of September for 6 days and after deducting flight time and all, I essentially only have 4 days. So it’s important for me to plan my day properly to cover as many places as possible. There’s so […]

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