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Sinar Eco Resort: A Tranquil Escape From The City

sinar eco resort

Covering over 8 acres of land, Sinar Eco Resort has got two main areas, one side being the farm/camping area near to the river and the other side is where the lodging area is along with the main reception.

Located in the small town of Pekan Nanas, the resort is just an hour drive away from JB Sentral Customs. So don’t be surprised if you find yourself surrounded by Palm trees during the drive into the resort!

Sinar Eco Resort: Modern Lodging in a Farm

There are two kinds of room option at the resort, one being the container rooms which as the name suggests, built using those shipping containers. The other option is the apartment rooms which is in the same building as the main reception area. Apartment rooms are suitable for families or bigger groups.

Standard Apartment Common Living Area

Standard Apartment Room

Standard Apartment Room

Apartment rooms are suitable for families or bigger groups. Each apartment room requires a minimum of 4 to stay and they share a common living room within the apartment.

Nautical Theme Apartment

Nautical Theme Apartment Room

The furniture in the apartment were all built by the staff at the resort. They have a workshop by the farm area where the staff are able to create furniture etc based on their own creativity! There’s one apartment which is a Nautical theme and the idea came from the staff!

Inside the container room

Container Room Washroom

Container rooms are more suited for couples and fit maximum up to three persons. I stayed at the ground level container room and love how easily accessible I can get back to my room. The full-length window in the room allows for good lighting in the room and I love it! The room comes with all the amenities you will find in a standard hotel room.

The rooms are of a modern design and are very clean and comfortable. And yes, the bed is really comfortable! The rooms definitely exceeded the expectations of one would have from an Eco Resort.

The wallpaper is a perfect backdrop for selfies~ 😀

Food @ Sinar Eco

Yummy fried rice served during lunch.

Meals are served at the cafe right next to the reception area. I must say that I’m very well fed with the delicious home-cooked meals served up by the resort! There’s Fried Rice for lunch, Fried Chicken Chop for dinner, Nasi Lemak for Breakfast! You can opt for BBQ dinner at the poolside too!

Farm Experience & Activities At Sinar Eco Resort

Getting Up close with the Farm Animals!

Being a city girl, I hardly ever got close to farm animals even as a kid. Sure, there’s the zoo but there’s a barricade in between so you don’t really get to touch the animals. So when I saw all the animals, I was squealing like a kid. I must say I was a little scared too but you can’t blame me when you have baby goats running up to you and trying to play with you. But the baby animals are so adorable!!!

Tell me, where can you get to carry a one-day old baby sheep? Such a darling!

Getting to meet and touch the animals are not the only thing you can do! You can get your hands wet while having a go at milking the cows, and ride the horses too!

It was my first time seeing horses in real life and I was overwhelmed with excitement! I had a go at riding the horse and it was so tall!! I must admit it’s a little scary while I’m riding the horse but I was at ease because the groom was holding and leading the horse all the while.

Adventure at Sinar Eco

Other than having fun with the farm animals, one can have a go at activities like ATV rides, Kayaking, Eco-Rafting and Archery etc. You can also take either a day or night cruise down the river.

I had a go at Archery and I must say it’s not as easy as it seems. Air pistol or the real deal for me anytime! Lol. The ATV ride was fun and filled with adrenaline rush and be sure to expect mud flying all over if it’s wet!

Went for the river cruise at night and had a lovely time enjoying the night sky filled with stars! I even spotted a couple of fireflies on the ride! I definitely recommend the cruise at night! For the more adventurous type, you can even camp at the riverside for the ultimate experience!

Fun Fact: All the rafts were built by the staff at the resort! And while I was there, they are in the midst of building a 2 story raft! How cool is that?

Relax and Chill At the Resort

After all the fun and adventure at the resort, you can also opt to chill by the poolside at night and have a BBQ dinner.

Spacious Pool Room to accommodate large groups.

Karaoke room with large screen and great sound system!

They also have a very well equipped Karaoke room for you to sing to your heart’s fill. No worries about noise pollution since the only one who might complain are the chickens and goose near to the Karaoke room. If you are not a fan of singing, there’s always the pool room. 🙂

An overview of the resort from the rooftop.

They are also building a Sky Bar at the rooftop of the apartment block. I went up there and the view is awesome. You get a great overview of the whole resort! Imagine relaxing at the bar in the evening with the awesome view. Can’t wait to see how the bar looks like once it’s completed.

Thoughts on Sinar Eco Resort:

Just officially opened in October 2016, the resort is pretty new and they are adding new things every now and then! I highly recommend this place for a short getaway from the bustling city life! The resort is great for families and also suitable for young adults like me! There’s something for everyone to enjoy!

I enjoyed myself during the 2 Days 1 Night stay over at the resort and it’s a really nice break away from the fast paced city! Would love to return when their sky bar is completed!

Here’s a video to sum up my 2D1N stay at the resort! 😀

Sinar Eco Resort

Address: 81500 Pekan Nanas, Johor, Malaysia




Tokyo Travelogue: Visiting Tokyo Tower

Visiting Tokyo Tower: A Dream Come True

tokyo tower

Being an avid manga fan when I was much younger, I have known Tokyo Tower well through the mangas. Especially in my favourite manga, Magic Knight Rayearth, where the main characters first met each other at Tokyo Tower.

So even though there’s a newer Observatory which is the Tokyo SkyTree, I know Tokyo Tower is the one I have to visit! It’s the landmark that I die die have to visit, fulfilling that little childhood dream of mine.

Heading to Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower can be accessible from several train stations. Akabanebashi and Kamiyacho are two train stations that allow you to reach Tokyo tower under a 10 minutes walk. So depending on where you’re from, take the train to the nearest station and take a short walk towards the tower!

tokyo tower wefie

No need to worry about being lost, just look up and search for the tower and walk towards it! 😀

tokyo tower tickets

Tickets are at 900 yen per person! Which is a lot cheaper as compared to SkyTree.

A shot of the Tokyo Tower up close. It’s really awesome to finally be there looking up at the tower.

Being an observatory tower, there’s really nothing much except for the city views at the top of the tower. If you are up for something more exciting, you can pay extra to climb up nearer to the top of the tower. There’s this photo taking spot in the tower where the friendly staff are more than willing to take a photo for you with your own cameras if you allow them to take one for a printout. Of course, they are selling the photos and you can choose not to buy if you don’t want to. They are selling it at 1300 yen which is pretty affordable to me so I got it as a souvenir. 🙂

The famous Tokyo Tower Reflection. I’ve read all about it and feels so happy to be finally able to see it with my own eyes! The roads are shaped in a way that it seems like a reflection of the tower. Fascinating isn’t it?

The tower looks super pretty at night too! Such a lovely view to take it! I’m really happy and satisfied to be spending my evening at the Tokyo Tower.

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It will be great to search for a hotel with a view of Tokyo Tower! Imagine waking up and going back to the lovely view of the tower every day!
There’s still a couple of posts left for Tokyo and I’m heading to Bangkok in a couple of days! Stay tuned for more of my travel posts!



Tokyo Travelogue: A Day Of Eating!

Tokyo Travelogue: Makan Edition

No Tokyo travelogue will do without food. Food is probably the most essential of a trip I would say, especially when you’re travelling in Japan!

So I’ve spent a day in Tokyo eating to my heart’s fill before spending the night at Tokyo Tower enjoying the night view~

Tsukiji Fish Market

Need I say more about anything on Tsukiji Fish Market? It’s the place to go to for fresh sashimi and sushi! And what’s better than starting the day with an awesome Sushi breakfast? Tsukiji Fish Market was scheduled to move in Nov 2016 but plans were delayed until winter season in 2017/2018 earliest! So I say, plan your trips there soon! You never know when they might decide to bring forward the move date!

Other than fresh fish, you can find dried goods store around the market where you can get those Dried Hotate for souvenirs! Fresh fruits can be seen in the market too!

And not forgetting the Tamagoyaki! This is a must try!

Grilled Hotate! Fresh and juicy!! Need I say more?

End your Tsukiji trip with a soft serve and you can never go wrong with Matcha when in Japan! (^.^)/

Just follow the crowd from Tsukiji Train station and you find your way to the fish market! You should be safe as long as you pass by Tsukiji Hongan-ji~

Pablo Cafe Omotesando 

Other than Baked, Pablo would be the other famous Cheese tart from Japan. Since I’m in Omotesando, how can I miss the opportunity to visit the cafe right? There will be a slight queue for dining in at the cafe at level 2, so do take note of that.

Ordered their original cheese tart served warm. It comes with maple syrup and vanilla ice cream which makes it more delish! I really love how fluffy the cheese tart is. It literally melts in your mouth! Prefer this over Baked personally and can’t wait for them to have an outlet in Singapore.

1-14-21 Jingumae, Chiyoda 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture

Shibuya, 東京都 〒150-0001

Harajuku Station, Meiji Jingu-mae Station

Luke’s Lobster Omotesando 

tokyo travelogue luke lobster

I first knew of Luke’s Lobster from a friend’s Instagram post and I tell myself I need to try it out when I’m in Tokyo.

I reached Luke’s Lobster around late afternoon 4.30pm and sadly they have sold out of their famous Lobster roll!! (>~<)/ But since we’re there, I’ve decided to try out their other options which is the Shrimp and Crab roll. I love how they have half and half option so we can try out two flavours in one roll! Though I must say that I wished I have gone straight for the Crab roll option because that is so good! The bread is warm and soft and oh so fragrant! I shared one roll with my mum as we both had quite a lot to eat already but I dare say I could finish one whole roll myself!

If you want to try out their signature Lobster roll, would definitely recommend you to visit earlier in the day! And I must say, I’m so loving the peaceful and vibrant vibe of Omotesando. Just sitting by Luke’s Lobster enjoying my roll and people watch. That is a lifestyle to look forward to. (^.^)/

6-7-1 Jingumae, Shibuya 150-0001, Tokyo Prefecture

Japan, 〒150-0001 Tokyo, 渋谷区Jingumae, 6−7−1


Will be posting more of my Tokyo Travelogue this month~ Backlog for 7 months liao. Haha.



Tokyo Travelogue: Singapore to Tokyo!

Tokyo Bound: First Flight On Singapore Airlines


Being a Budget Traveller previously, it’s my first time onboard a standard airline in economy class. And it’s because there was a promotion and I managed to get tickets to Haneda with insurance and everything else included at $699 per pax. Which I think is a pretty good deal as even on a budget airline to Narita goes up to $500++ with one transit. And trust me, although it’s my first time to Tokyo, Haneda is the airport you want to fly to even if it might be slightly more expensive.

Getting to Shinjuku takes only 50 minutes or so on non-peak period as compared to at least 80 minutes or so from Narita. And if you are taking the express bus, a ticket from Shinjuku to Haneda is 1230 yen while it’s 3100 yen to get to Narita. And I am talking about one-way ticket here.

Anyways, it’s my first time onboard Singapore Airlines and I’ve a pretty good experience. I think I might be spoilt by SIA this trip that it will be hard for me to go back to budget airlines for flights more than 4 hours next time!

Choice of Accommodation: AirBnb Shinjuku Kabukicho Apartment

Tokyo - higashi shinjuku sign

For this trip, my choice of accommodation is Airbnb and the nearest station is Higashi-Shinjuku Station on the subway. The apartment is also walkable from the Shinjuku JR line albeit longer. It’s easy to find your way once you get used to it in 2 or 3 days. And it’s easy to get around Tokyo from Shinjuku too!


This is the outside of the Airbnb apartment. It is pretty decent but what you can’t see that it is surrounded by many hotels, love hotels to be exact. Think Hotel 81 kind but more stylish type. This is because the apartment is located in Kabukicho which is the red light district equivalent. Love hotels, Host and Hostess Clubs, Bars, Karaokes are something I see in abundance every night as I walk back to my apartment.


Of course, there is a more quiet way to walk back to the apartment, avoiding all the action. But I took several different routes back every night as I want to see what’s in the neighbourhood. Anyways, even though it’s a red light district, it’s not dangerous or rowdy. Though there are foreigners (Chinese/Black Americans) in Japan touting to get tourists to watch rated shows. There was this black guy trying to talk to me to get me to go to whichever place he’s working at.LOL. I brushed him away as I’m hungry and finding my way to dinner. Nobody stands in my way when I’m hungry!

tokyo with rx

My companion for this Tokyo trip! And also our mums!

I must say I’m not the most patient person on earth, and I get short-tempered easily with my mum around. Thanks for standing up with me and I hope you and your mum have enjoyed the trip!

Anyways, that’s an overview of the apartment. It’s pretty small with the living area and kitchen combined. There’s two rooms, one with 2 single beds and one with a double bed that’s smaller than queen sized. Not much space to walk around in the rooms. It’s just enough for us as we have quite a number of luggage.

menya musashi tokyo

First dinner in Tokyo, Menya Musashi! 「麺屋武蔵」

I must say this is way better than what we have in Singapore. The meat itself is very different! It’s juicy and very flavourful! Enjoyed it very much! Soup is a tad salty but that is the norm in Japan as they tend to slurp the noodles together with the soup. Unlike us where we eat one mouth of noodles followed by one spoonful of soup. (This is told to me by our one day guide in Japan who is a brother of a family friend. )

don quijote

Shopping at Don Quijote after dinner. I literally wiped the shelves for the Lychee Eye drops. Lol. Sadly the range of coloured contacts here is not very impressive. I preferred the Donki in Osaka for the contact lens selection. But still, from makeup to skin care to food, you can find almost everything in Donki. Must visit whenever you’re in Japan. It will take all your money. I mean it. Lol.

joyce forensia in tokyo

And that’s all for this post and also the end of day 1 of my Tokyo trip. Ending with a selfie taken with my new camera, the Casio FR-100 which I’ve bought just couple of days before the trip. The above photo is with no edits except for resizing. Not too bad right?

Till the next Tokyo trip post!



Exploring Kyoto In A Day

Kyoto: Temple Hopping!

I have a day to spend in Kyoto and while doing my research, I picked 3 temples to visit! The main reasons I picked these 3 temples is because they are all along Keihan Line which means I do not have to switch trains from my accommodation.

Kiyomizudera – Kiyomizu-Gojo (Keihan Line)

Yasaka Shrine – Gion-Shijo (Keihan Line)

Fushimi Inari Shrine – Fushimi-Inari (Keihan Line) 

kyoto kiyomizudera

From Kiyomizu-gojo station on the Keihan Line, it’s about 20 minutes walk to Kiyomizudera. It’s a pretty long walk I must say but the nice weather made up for it and there’s a lot to see on the way.

kiyomizudera kyoto

The main entrance to Kiyomizudera. To be honest, the temples are mostly the same in Kyoto. So I didn’t take much photos. Haha. But its pretty magnificent to see it with your own eyes.  My main agenda to visit the temples is to buy Omamori, which is the Japanese amulets. 🙂

Kyoto is also the place where you can get dressed up in Kimono but do take note that it takes at least 1.5 hours to get ready. Which is one of the reasons I didn’t go for it. Didn’t want the rest to wait.


They say that when in Kyoto, it’s a must to try Tofu. Well, I didn’t have the chance to try 豆腐料理 but I got to try Tofu ice cream and of course can’t miss the Match ice cream! The taste of the tofu ice cream is quite interesting. I can’t decide whether I’m eating cold tofu or ice cream. Haha.


We walked into a local eatery for lunch before taking the train to Gion. And this is where I had the best ramen in my trip! And it’s super affordable! A set that comes with ramen, rice and gyoza cost only about 800yen!


This is the Ramen! Check out the amount of fresh green spring onions! I’m salivating now while looking at it!


Yasaka Shrine in Gion.


The fortune papers tied on strings. Finally got to see it!


Photo with The Mum along an alley in Hanamikoji.


I noticed these Pressed Penny machines around and I went crazy over it because it’s Hello Kitty!! 200 yen for 1! I think it’s a perfect souvenir! How cute is it?


The Mum at the entrance of the thousand Tori gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine. We only went through the gates till the first pit stop and didn’t make our way up. Things to take note when travelling with elderly, they can’t take much physical activities. (I should write a post on travelling with elderly. Lol)


Washing my hands at Fushimi Inari. Super cooling water! 🙂


And a selfie of me while in Hanamikoji! Apparently Hanamikoji is the spot where Geisha is more easily spotted but sadly I didn’t get to see any while I was there.

I ended my day in Kyoto with shopping at Aeon mall near the Kyoto station. I feel that Kyoto is a place where it’s more for sightseeing and there’s a lot of walking involved, I personally love the atmosphere there. However, I feel that I did not plan my day properly as the elders in my group were complaining from the first temple visit. Oh wells. I’ll be sure to come to Kyoto again on my own next time!

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I’m just left with my USJ post before I wrap up my Kansai Travelogue!

Till then!