Exploring Kyoto In A Day

Kyoto: Temple Hopping!

I have a day to spend in Kyoto and while doing my research, I picked 3 temples to visit! The main reasons I picked these 3 temples is because they are all along Keihan Line which means I do not have to switch trains from my accommodation.

Kiyomizudera – Kiyomizu-Gojo (Keihan Line)

Yasaka Shrine – Gion-Shijo (Keihan Line)

Fushimi Inari Shrine – Fushimi-Inari (Keihan Line) 

kyoto kiyomizudera

From Kiyomizu-gojo station on the Keihan Line, it’s about 20 minutes walk to Kiyomizudera. It’s a pretty long walk I must say but the nice weather made up for it and there’s a lot to see on the way.

kiyomizudera kyoto

The main entrance to Kiyomizudera. To be honest, the temples are mostly the same in Kyoto. So I didn’t take much photos. Haha. But its pretty magnificent to see it with your own eyes.  My main agenda to visit the temples is to buy Omamori, which is the Japanese amulets. 🙂

Kyoto is also the place where you can get dressed up in Kimono but do take note that it takes at least 1.5 hours to get ready. Which is one of the reasons I didn’t go for it. Didn’t want the rest to wait.


They say that when in Kyoto, it’s a must to try Tofu. Well, I didn’t have the chance to try 豆腐料理 but I got to try Tofu ice cream and of course can’t miss the Match ice cream! The taste of the tofu ice cream is quite interesting. I can’t decide whether I’m eating cold tofu or ice cream. Haha.


We walked into a local eatery for lunch before taking the train to Gion. And this is where I had the best ramen in my trip! And it’s super affordable! A set that comes with ramen, rice and gyoza cost only about 800yen!


This is the Ramen! Check out the amount of fresh green spring onions! I’m salivating now while looking at it!


Yasaka Shrine in Gion.


The fortune papers tied on strings. Finally got to see it!


Photo with The Mum along an alley in Hanamikoji.


I noticed these Pressed Penny machines around and I went crazy over it because it’s Hello Kitty!! 200 yen for 1! I think it’s a perfect souvenir! How cute is it?


The Mum at the entrance of the thousand Tori gates at Fushimi Inari Shrine. We only went through the gates till the first pit stop and didn’t make our way up. Things to take note when travelling with elderly, they can’t take much physical activities. (I should write a post on travelling with elderly. Lol)


Washing my hands at Fushimi Inari. Super cooling water! 🙂


And a selfie of me while in Hanamikoji! Apparently Hanamikoji is the spot where Geisha is more easily spotted but sadly I didn’t get to see any while I was there.

I ended my day in Kyoto with shopping at Aeon mall near the Kyoto station. I feel that Kyoto is a place where it’s more for sightseeing and there’s a lot of walking involved, I personally love the atmosphere there. However, I feel that I did not plan my day properly as the elders in my group were complaining from the first temple visit. Oh wells. I’ll be sure to come to Kyoto again on my own next time!

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Till then!


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