5 Tips On Travelling With Elderly

Travelling Tips To Take Note When Travelling With Elderly

travelling with elderly

For most of my trips, I’ve been travelling with The Mum and it’s ok when it’s just her and me. We kind of give in to each other and make sure to enjoy the trip.


But on a couple of occasion, The Mum has her friends to join us on our trips.

So I think it will be quite apt for me to share some tips to take note of when travelling with Elderly. (60 and above)

Minimal Physically Strenuous Activities

As it suggests, the elderly does not have the same stamina as younger people. When planning your itinerary, it’s essential to avoid places where you have to walk too much, or even climb too much stairs. Either that, cater enough time to match their pace so that they won’t be complaining too much.

Frequent Rest Stops

It’s important to have rest stops in between locations. Plan some interesting cafes into your itinerary so that they can have a rest and you can also check out the cafes. Avoid animal’s cafes as the elderly might not find the animals as fascinating or cute as compared to us. Plus some might need caffeine if not they will turn groggy.

Regular Meals

Ensure that you plan your mealtime properly and on time as the elders get hungry easily at specific timings. Also to make sure that the food will be to their liking.

Short Attention Span/Limited Patience

To be honest, I thought most elderly people like sightseeing but I was wrong. And then I thought that shopping would suit them instead and I was wrong again. Have a mixture of activities in your itinerary so they won’t get bored easily.

Provide An Alternative Or Just No Theme parks

Coming from personal experience, theme parks is just a NO when you are travelling with elderly. If you really die die must go, either be prepared to be nagged at and see black faces or be sure to find an alternative nearby where they can spend time at. This proves difficult at countries where there is a language barrier so do be sure to plan properly. Sometimes, even you ensured to ask for opinions before the trip, the reaction during the trip can be different. Don’t say I never warn you!

Bonus Tip: Have A Stand

To avoid such troubles and headaches and any unhappiness. For an example, not being appreciated after planning everything alone and doubling up as a translator and guide. (I mean you want to be enjoying the trip too.) Have a stand and don’t allow your parents to bring their friends along the trip. For sure they can travel together, help them look for tours that are reputable and buy travel insurance. Just keep yourself out of the picture.

And if you are an older person reading this, I hope you won’t be offended and maybe have a change in perspective. Try to appreciate the younger generation more when they try to accommodate and spend time with you. Be more appreciative and less critical.

Compromise is the word to remember.

Till the next post, 


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