Origins Earth Month

Was invited to Origins Earth Month event last month. (I know, I’m always late in posting events posts. ><)

Origins products are all made using 100% natural ingredients. All their R&D are based on western and eastern methods. Their tag line, Powered by Nature, Proven by Science has this meaning. Combing the west and east to bring the best.

With Claire and Juann at the event!

We all made a wish for our mother planet!

There’s a recycle bin at the Origins counter for us to drop our cosmetics empties. Rather than throwing them away, drop them at the bin and Origins will recycle them for us! XD Let’s do a part for the globe!

ATGAB was there at the event making simple brooches using the containers of Origins products. They make use of old bags etc and gave them new lease of life by making them into accessories!

Here’s the brooches they made for those who attended the event.¬†Group Photo with my dear MFP bloggers! XD

Photo credits to Shiella!


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