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K-Palette: Sweet As Chocolate Campaign

I believe that many of you are used to using black eyeliners. Personally, I try to avoid black eyeliners for normal day looks as I was once told that black is too harsh for me. Which is why I’m a big fan of brown liners and is very excited to see K-Palette launching their famed liners in brown tones!

With Jacelyn, Maybeline <3, YiJing at the Photo Booth!

We had a mini contest using the new brown liners to draw a face chart. And that’s me busy coloring. Haha.


Try spotting my face chart!



The range of K-Palette products other than their famous 1 day Tattoo eyeliner, also includes the Kuma concealer which is available in three tones for different flaws.


Here’s a swatch of the pencil liner, liquid liners in two different shades of brown and the two way eyebrow make.

Now you can have long lasting soft looks with these brown 1 Day Tattoo liners! And I’m happy to have more brown liners in my stash!

Check out K-Palette’s FB for more!



SgChurpOut with Yutaki & Sophie & Miyake

Attended #SgChurpOut on saturday. It’s actually a mini farewell meeting with Yutaki and he’s enlisting real soon. Yutaki is one of the very few male bloggers that I actually follow and read his blog. His photos are just awesome, how can someone be so talented? 🙂

Posing with some props done by the Nuffies~ (I’m used to calling them nuffies regardless. :P)

Cute ChurpChurp badges~

Photo with CHURPIE! Haha! I’ve always wanted one since I saw the photo on twitter. So cute!


Finger food by Perkies~ I like the crispy chicken, very tasty.


Served in a cone cup. Really interesting concept.

There’s like a mini Trivia session and a drawing session. I can’t draw for nuts but I can at least sketch. So I sketched the Meme that Yutaki always used instead.

That’s Yutaki and Sophie signing instaxs.

Photo with Sophie~ She’s really friendly and sweet.

With Miyake~ She’s super pretty in real life and super slim!

With Yutaki!! All the best for NS! XD

Photo with all the pretty Nuffies~

Hee~ That’s all for this post! XD




Audi Fashion Festival: Redken Hairshow

Claire have gotten invites for the Redken HairShow at the Audi Fashion Festival and she invited me along with Shiella~

Us taking photos beside the board. 😛

An individual shot for me. It’s actually my first time attending Audi Fashion Festival! Everyone was dressed up for the event!

At the photo wall~ Saw Christina too!

Me and Claire in our Rock Couture themed outfits.

With Shiella who rock that yellow jumpsuit!

Us, MFP girls~ XD

Another photo with Shiella while waiting for the show to start!

Color blocking is still definitely in trend! I love the purple ombre!

Live demonstration on the runway.

Finale with all the crew and models.

It was quite an eye opener for me. Would love to be able to attend more fashion shows in future!



Origins Earth Month

Was invited to Origins Earth Month event last month. (I know, I’m always late in posting events posts. ><)

Origins products are all made using 100% natural ingredients. All their R&D are based on western and eastern methods. Their tag line, Powered by Nature, Proven by Science has this meaning. Combing the west and east to bring the best.

With Claire and Juann at the event!

We all made a wish for our mother planet!

There’s a recycle bin at the Origins counter for us to drop our cosmetics empties. Rather than throwing them away, drop them at the bin and Origins will recycle them for us! XD Let’s do a part for the globe!

ATGAB was there at the event making simple brooches using the containers of Origins products. They make use of old bags etc and gave them new lease of life by making them into accessories!

Here’s the brooches they made for those who attended the event. Group Photo with my dear MFP bloggers! XD

Photo credits to Shiella!