SgChurpOut with Yutaki & Sophie & Miyake

Attended #SgChurpOut on saturday. It’s actually a mini farewell meeting with Yutaki and he’s enlisting real soon. Yutaki is one of the very few male bloggers that I actually follow and read his blog. His photos are just awesome, how can someone be so talented? 🙂

Posing with some props done by the Nuffies~ (I’m used to calling them nuffies regardless. :P)

Cute ChurpChurp badges~

Photo with CHURPIE! Haha! I’ve always wanted one since I saw the photo on twitter. So cute!


Finger food by Perkies~ I like the crispy chicken, very tasty.


Served in a cone cup. Really interesting concept.

There’s like a mini Trivia session and a drawing session. I can’t draw for nuts but I can at least sketch. So I sketched the Meme that Yutaki always used instead.

That’s Yutaki and Sophie signing instaxs.

Photo with Sophie~ She’s really friendly and sweet.

With Miyake~ She’s super pretty in real life and super slim!

With Yutaki!! All the best for NS! XD

Photo with all the pretty Nuffies~

Hee~ That’s all for this post! XD



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