Ice Skating at The Rink

Went to The Rink at Jcube for ice skating last Saturday with the COUSINS!! This is like my 2nd time ice skating!


I find that Jcube is actually quite a small shopping mall. Main attraction would definitely be The Rink!


Queuing up to get tickets for the 12.45 to 2.45pm sessions. Unlike the ice skating rink at Kallang where you can just go at any timings for 2 hours. The Rink have specific time slots for public skating sessions. It’s a little inflexible but I think it’s better as they are able to control the amount of people in The Rink to prevent overcrowding. It’s always better to skate in a spacious place. ­čśŤ

I believe the prices are similar to those at Kallang. $21.50 for 2 hrs of skating inclusive rental skates, gloves and socks. $14 for just 2 hrs of skating if you have your own skates and everything else. We only rented the skates so we paid $17.50 each. Remember to bring your own gloves and socks to save a little money! XD


Tickets are in the form of wrist bands like above. You can easily guess which is my hand, the fairest one of them all. ­čśŤ


The girls! Kaixin, Jiaqi, Yingzi and myself! I must say the rental skates are a little uncomfortable. I prefer those at Kallang. ­čśŤ


Weijie with the girls!


Group photo taken without Yingzi as she arrived a little later.


Being the first Olympic sized ice skating rink in Singapore, it really is huge.


Happy to be ice skating! If I stay in the west area, I will definitely invest in a pair of recreational ice skates and go ice skating regularly. It’s one good form of exercise!

Me wants to go ice skating again soon!


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