Review: Leaders Clinic Masks

Received some Leaders Clinic Ampoule Masks from┬áSerenity Allure sometime ago and now it’s time for the review! XD

Received 12 pieces of masks in total and I’m only left with 1 piece. ­čśŤ

I was also given a Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pack to try. Review of this will be up at a later date. ­čśŤ

This is the I.P.L Whitelux ampoule mask.

This’s the Collagen Infusion mask.

Open up the mask and you will find the mask sheets soaked in the serum. You can see that it’s really soaked up. Plus there’s still serum in the packet which you can use on other parts of the body. XD

Leaders Clinic Mask are make of┬áultra thin silk cellulose material and you can see it in the above picture. It’s really thin yet won’t tear easily like some! I love the material of this mask!

It fits nicely on the face and though it’s not thick, you can feel that it stick on snugly on the skin! Skin can still breathe with the mask on.

Just an example, my mum is using some other mask and you can see it’s thicker and the sides of the mask don’t really stick on well.

I mask like at least 3 times a week and have tried quite a variety of sheet masks. I would rate Leaders Clinic Mask a 4/5. This is because I really like the material of the sheet mask and how it sits nicely on the skin. Also the amount of serum the mask pack have is really a lot! There’s still drops of serum dripping off when you take the mask out of the pack! It’s an enjoyable 20 mins whenever I used Leaders Clinic Masks. XD

There’s also a variety of masks for you to choose from to cater to your different needs. XD

Just a tip for sheets masks and I’m sure many of you would have know this trick already. Put the mask in the fridge at least an hour before you use it, it’s really nice to mask with a cold sheet masks. For me, I literally just keep my masks in the fridge. There’s a space specially for my masks. ­čśŤ


Check out Leaders Clinic FB and Serenity Allure’s FB for more products and information!

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