Review: Leaders Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream

I was sent this Sensitive Sun Cream by Leaders Clinic now known as Beauty Clinic from Serenity Allure few months back and finally got down to reviewing it now. With SPF 50 + and PA +++, this sun cream definitely provide ample protection against different kind of UV rays for a good amount of time.
Unlike most sunscreen which is normally of a milky white texture, the sun cream is of a tinted shade and a light creamy texture. It acts as a makeup base at the same time a sunscreen. As it is also waterproof, you can wear this to swimming.
What I like most about this sun cream is that although it is a cream, the texture is very light and is not oily. It blends into the skin very well and at the same time evens out the skin tone as it’s tinted.
One thing about this sun cream is that it has a light pleasant scent to it. Which I might be sensitive to. As I realized I can’t wear this sun cream when I’m having my period when my skin is extremely sensitive. But on other days, it’s fine. I am still using this as I really like the texture and finish but I avoid it on days when my skin is extremely sensitive.
I rate this product a 3.8/5. It would be a 4 if I never reacted to it as it’s a product for sensitive skin afterall.
Definitely recommend this product, but for those with extremely sensitive skin like mine, do test on a small part on your face to see if there’s any reaction before proceeding to use it on the full face.
Available at Guardian and BHG Bugis and is retailing at $34.95.

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