Hair Story: Red Ombre Hair

I have always wanted to dye my hair purple or red but I was advised against it as these colors required bleaching and won’t last long. The main factor that hold me back was bleaching as I do not want the bleach to do more harm to my hair. From the day I started dyeing my hair, I’m already doing harm to it. >~< That is why I do not wish to do further harm by bleaching. Cause we all know that bleaching can really dry out the hair and all.

Then there was this trend of Ombre/Dipped Dye Hair going on for quite some time already. So I was thinking, since it’s not a full color, I will only need to bleach my hair partially for that purple or red hair I’ve always wanted! Then when I get tired caring for the bleach hair, I can always cut it off when it grew out! Was actually deciding between DIY or head to a salon and get it done. Decided to opt for the salon option to get my hair professionally done as I do not want to ruin my hair in my own hands. 😛

The next thing I know I was asking for recommendations for salons on twitter and went to get my hair dyed the next day!

And so I went to Vintage Studio at FEP as recommended by dear Wendy who recently dyed her hair blonde.

I did 2 types of color, treatment and hair cut. I did a base color in addition to my highlights as my previous DIY dye did not managed to even out the color at my hair roots. Got my hair layered as my hair was cut straight the previous time I had my hair cut short. Layered hair definitely looks better on me, adds more volume too.

What makes me very happy is that I did not bleach my hair at all! The stylist at Vintage Studio, Mars recommended me a red dye which require no bleaching. He also said that the color is actually between red and purple which will turn out into quite a unique color. No bleaching, plus color between red/purple. It’s like the best option to me.

Alright, onto the photos of my hair!

Here’s a close with flash. Look at the red, ain’t it lovely? I did a dark brown for my base color. So it’s a dark brown red ombre. 😛 The brown has an ashy tone to it so as to balance with the warmth tone of the red.

An overall shot of the hair. The brown makes the hair look so much healthier!

Here’s a back shot of my hair. The red was dyed on in sections so that it looks more even and natural.

My hair in daylight.

If I tie my hair up in a pony tail, the tail part is all red hair. Super pretty! Makes me want to tie my hair up into a pony tail more. 😛

Here’s the red after the first wash. The red runs when I wash my hair and I can see like violet water running out from the hair. But of course as you can see, the color did not run off my hair. 😛

I’m really very much in love with my hair now. And I put in more effort in hair care too as I want my hair to stay healthy for the color to look nice and of course to make the color last longer. XD

Very happy and in love with my hair now! You will definitely see me take extra photos with my pretty hair now. Haha. 😛

And I really enjoyed the experience at Vintage Studio. Really friendly stylists they have there and I feel very comfortable throughout the whole process. So far the salons I’ve been too don’t really make me want to go back but I think I will go back to Vintage Studio the next time I want to pamper my hair. Even my friend who went with me to dye her hair is happy with her new hair color. 😛


Disclaimer: I paid for all the hair services from my own pocket. 🙂

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2 Responses to Hair Story: Red Ombre Hair

  1. jo July 25, 2012 at 11:14 pm #

    Pretty!! I always wanna get these colours, how much did u paid for it? 🙂

    • forensia July 27, 2012 at 12:43 am #

      I paid around $340 as I did treatment too. And it’s after 20%.
      If just doing the color, base plus fashion color shld be $200 plus plus ba. XD

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