Vanity Trove – Watson’s Limited Edition

I love to come out of the room to find parcels that I’m not expecting of the living room table. And indeed a beauty surprise when I saw that it’s a Vanity Trove on the table.

Pulled out the drawer to find a whole lot of samples plus one full sized BB Cream in the trove which is nicely laid with decorative grass.

And I mean it when I said a whole lot. All the samples of products that can be found in Watsons. If I’m not wrong this is the trove that you can get by spending min $60 for members and $80 for non-members at Watsons. And I am told that it’s already sold out, so thanks Vanity Trove for sending me this trove!

As there are way too many products for me to take photos one by one, I decided to just do a short video! Enjoy watching! No you won’t see my face in the video cause I’m too lazy to change out of my Pjs.


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