Hair Diary: Gone Black

It was roughly 6 years ago when I first dyed my hair. Even then, my hair was a very dark sort of brown and not jet black to start with. (It could also be due to chlorine as I swam often last time.)

I have been through many shades of brown, bleached my hair, gone through loads of crazy fashion colors when I was being sponsored. No hair looks healthy after putting it through so much chemical treatments, regardless of nourishing treatments which is also chemicals.

My thick long hair have since thinned out, dropping more hair then ever. My hair ends are also dry and damaged from bleaching. Which was the very first reason I chopped off my hair last year, other than wanting to try the short hair look.

So now I’m trying to nurture my hair back to health. Using PHYTO brand of hair care now alternating it with a normal shampoo with moisturizing effects. It is helping and I’ll touch more on those products in another post. I’m also eating Vitamin B which is apparently good for hair and nails.

As I’m growing my hair, I dyed it red once with an organic hair dye and it looked good while it lasted. Now that it had faded and I’ve quite some length of dark roots out, it just looked horrible. Hence, the decision to go black as I will not have to worry about my roots while growing out my hair. By going black, I don’t have to keep dying my hair too.




I must say I’m so not used to my black hair after 6 years of colored hair. But I guess I can grow used to it soon. Doesn’t look that bad and my hair looks so much healthier.
Do you think I look good with black hair?


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0 Responses to Hair Diary: Gone Black

  1. ariesapril September 7, 2014 at 12:10 am #

    Pretty refreshing! Quite a contrast to ur fair skin. I dyed my hair black once too and everyone kept asking me how come my hair so black! lol. But black hair really looks healthier.

  2. Jasmine September 8, 2014 at 1:20 pm #

    hey babe it’s been a while!! i know how it’s like because my hair was always dyed since 5 years ago, and when i went back black i wasn’t used to it! after a week the black dye faded and my hair became slightly brown again hahahaha. you look gorgeous in black hair 🙂 xx

    • Joyce.Forensia September 8, 2014 at 1:31 pm #

      Hello! I think mine start to fade also. Haha. Thanks!!!

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