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BellaBox: Beauty Retreat Edition

For the month of November, BellaBox came out with a Beauty Retreat Edition! Instead of the usual pink box, we get to received our beauty surprises in a cute tote bag that is great for places like the beach! I love the color combination of the pattern!


This month, we get products from CoverMark, Lynca Mineral, Twistbands and a pout pencil created by BellaBox themselves!

From CoverMark, we have the mineral wash and lather net set that is to be used together. A lather net is able to create a good amount of foam to make washing more effective. There’s also a sample of their Moisture Veil LX foundation.

Of course, we have the good old Twistband that does not leave any marks on the hair and it trendy enough to be worn as bracelets even!


 There’s 3 items I like to highlight from this month’s box and the first is the CoverMark Eye Shadow Palette 4 color set. I’m loving the palette I got as it’s in my favorite pink and purple tones! Great for a sweet look! This is retailing at $52.


Next up, we have the Lynca Mineral True Color pigment. This is a multi-purpose product that can be use on the eyes, lips and cheeks and even the nails! I’ve received a nice sliver color which is very versatile. Can’t wait to try it out proper. Let me know if you want a post on this. If not, I’ll most probably post it up on my Instagram. (forest330)


Lastly, this is the item I’m most excited about since I saw it on the official BellaBox’s instagram! Those of you who have been following my blog should know that I’m obsessed with lip crayons now! Named as the Pout Pencil, it’s similar to the many lip crayons out there and it’s retractable. This is in a nice hot pink color with a glossy finish. Color is build-able so you can choose to have a subtle stained lips or a sexy bold hot pink glossy lips.  I’m hoping BellaBox have created this baby in different colors!


That’s all for this post! Hope you enjoy reading it!



BellaBox is 2!


October is the month where BellaBox first started 2 years ago! This time round, they came up with a special Bella Pouch to celebrate this special occasion!


Check out the goodies I’ve received this month! They even included an issue of Cosmopolitan October issue! It was a pleasant surprise as I’m a regular reader of it, even subscribed to it on my iPad. 🙂


In this special Bella Pouch, I’ve received:

1: Elizabeth Arden Untold EDP
2: Sasatinnie Smokey Eyeliner Pen
3: Jacqueline Burchell Nail Polish ( This is a local brand!)
4: Collection Cosmetics Glam Crystals Dazzling Gel Liner
5: Sexy Look 4D Mask
6: Skinlite Intensive Hair Treatment
7: Whisper Cosmo

Let me know if you want if you want to read the review of any products stated and I’ll try my best to get it up soon!

Once again, Happy Birthday BellaBox!



April’s Spring Trove

Spring arrived early with Vanity Trove’s April Spring Trove! It was sweet of Camy from Vanity Trove to send me April’s Trove for review! Thanks Camy!


I’m always excited when I receive beauty boxes like these. You never know what’s inside till you open it!
In this month’s trove, we have goodies from Elizabeth Arden and Dr.Ci:Labo! I am also pleasantly surprised to see an issue of Vanity in the box!


I think it’s a great idea to have a mini beauty magazine to update subscribers about the latest trends and it’s the perfect size for the handbag! Also, information about the products on the Trove can be found in the mini mag too!


From Elizabeth Arden, there’s samples from the Visible Whitening range! We have the Smoothing Cleanser(center), Multi-targeted UV Shield BB Cream(left) and the Melanin Control Night Capsules(right). Can’t wait to try these out as I’ve recently got darker from my trips to Legoland and the Adventure Cove Water Park. Best timing to try out this range to see of it works! :p


Then we have Dr.Ci:Labo where we have the improved Aqua-Collagen-Gel(round tub), Super Washing Foam EX, Super Cleansing EX and the BB Perfect Cream White377+. All products are made in Japan and the Aqua-Collagen-Gel is pretty raved in the beauty community. Can’t wait to see what this baby can do to improve my skin!


Subscription to Vanity Trove is at $25 per month. Visit Vanity Trove’s Site for more information.

If you want to read the past issues of Vanity, you can do so online over at www.vanitymag.com.

Get Beautiful Surprises with Vanity Trove today!



January and Febuary BellaBox

Today I’m going to show you what I’ve gotten in the Bellabox that I’ve received in Jan and Feb.

It had been a year since I received my very first BellaBox from the kind people there. There have been hits and misses but still, I’m pretty satisfied with the products I’ve received over the time.

Alright, on to the boxes now!
Here’s the content card for Jan box!


And here’s the actual items!


Personally, I like the items in Jan Box. It comes with a variety of items from haircare, skincare, fragrance and beauty tool.

Onto Feb box now!

The actual items~


I’m actually a little disappointed with Feb box. But I’m glad to see a new fragrance sample in the box as I love testing new fragrances.

I think it’s unavoidable that some boxes might not be up to satisfaction but Bellabox do have some awesome boxes. Hopefully March Box would be a better box!

Check out more info on http://Bellabox.sg



December BellaBox!

December is the month of festive! The month of giving! How have you spent your December?


I’ve received a great box of goodies from Bellabox this December!


Elizabeth Arden Hand Treatment $40 for 75ml.

Bella Caviar Beauty Serum $250 for a box of 7, 5ml each.

BodyTech Intense Trim Serum $980 for a box of 14 12ml tubes.

B.LIV Blackheads Sebum Gel $94.95 for 45ml. (Super glad to receive this as I’ve been wanting to try it out for ages!)

Cellilux Deep Sea Secret Glacial Mineral Gel Mask $78 for 60ml.

Make Up Forever Ever Rouge Artist Lipstick, $35. (The mini sized lipstick is way too adorable! And it’s just so happened that I’m in the phase of red lips!)


There’s also a special Bellabox Eyeshadow brush made from horse hair included as a Xmas gift! How sweet!!20121227-153031.jpg

Get Bellabox for yourself and loves ones now!