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Singapore Blog Awards 2012 @ the Flyer

Hi all! Just going to share some photos taken during the blog awards this year at the flyer!
This is also like my first appearance in media events with my new nose! LOL. Say until like I went for plastic surgery like that but all I did was fillers. 😛

Ok, my face took up up of the photo though my initial intend was to take me and the cousins and an overview of the event area. 😛

Mad love the vibrant colors of the photobooth! All the photos turned up awesome! It’s always fun with the cousins! <3

Ok some me time! Haha! The photo below was me holding a board that says: ” I’m a super Beauty Blogger Queen”. The rest all said it’s so me! HAHA! And I agreed, super thick-skinned. Muahahaha! Not sure if you noticed also, but my features seem more defined and all with my new nose bridge thanks to fillers. Face is also not flabby, more defined due to the cheek fillers. 😛

Theme this year was super heroes. And spot little super hero baby!! Kawaii max!

How can I miss out taking a shot with one of the Super Blogger of the year! Yong Wei!! Haha! This guy is now in Tekong! I wish him all the best and maybe muscle up a bit in there.

Like all of you already knew, I was one of the finalists again this year for the Best Beauty Blog category. And I did not win again this year, haha. But it’s ok, cause I felt that I already won with all the support I had from all of you! <3

After the awards, we all get to go up the flyer for free! Yay!! Haha! And it’s really awesome to have the whole capsule to ourselves! We spent the first half of the ride taking photos! The lighting was just nice for photo spam!

The above collage is done using photos taken by Conan’s RangeFinder film camera. Mad love the effects! Especially the middle photo with Angie, colors so nice!

Here’s a look of the day set. I did not know how to dress up like a super hero so I went ahead and dress up normal but in the colors of green lantern girl. Haha! I even drew a diamond on my face but it’s covered by my hair. 😛 I think I look pretty fab that day though. Hehe.

Shall end this post with a fireworks collage! We went to MBS to enjoy the fireworks from the NDP preview! Really awesome to be watching fireworks with awesome friends! XD

Hopefully I will be attending next year’s blog awards too! XD



SBA X Mary Chia X FJF Pastel Dreams Spa Party Happenings!

Hello all! This is the post on the actual happenings of FJFPastelDreamsParty! My guests are all more efficient then me! Haha! Two of them already blogged about the party and I love their posts! Thanks Jocelyn and Zoe for the great posts! <3!

I started the party first by refreshments! As most of them came down from either work or other events, I would like them to all have something to eat so they won’t be hungry during my presentations. 😛

Yummy Green Tea cupcake for the guests. Earl Grey and Red Velvet available too!

All of them enjoying the munchies! XD I’m happy to see them enjoying the food I’ve ordered. One thing off my chest. Phew. I was super stressed but I wanted my guests to enjoy every single moment.

So I started the party proper by doing a demonstration of the Blanc Perfecto products used in their Blanc Perfecto Facial. I’ve tried the effects of the facial and decided to share with my guests about it. The Blanc Perfecto Facial helps brighten up the skin tone and makes dull skin radiant. For my demo, using the Blanc Perfecto Hydra pH Cleansing Gel mixing with the Blanc Perfecto DermaRedefine Enzymes, I showed how these two products can instantly brighten up the skin. I’ve also added in a personal beauty tip during this demo which is a very simple beauty tool, the foaming net to create fine foam using any cleanser of the user’s choice. Foam can cleanse the skin deep into the pores easier as it’s finer and able to reach deep in the pores. It’s also easily washed/splash off due to its fineness.

My second segment is sharing tips on how to exfoliate the lips to get the soft effect and showing how I applied gloss to achieve the 3D plumping effect. I made used of the Lip Plumper and Lip Tint given with love from Vanity Trove for this demo.

The trick is simple, apply the gloss from the outer corners inwards. First layer should be evenly and light. Second layer would be focusing in the center of the lips in the form of a heart shape, using the cupid’s bow of our lips as the tips of the heart. XD By doing this, the lips will appear to have a natural pout.

My third segment was beauty tip sharing! I got all my guests to write down all their own beauty tips and I read it all out one by one. Then I got them to vote for the best beauty tip which turns out to be “Sleeping”! Which is true as no matter how much skincare we apply, how many facials we do, if we do not have ample sleep or sleep when our body needs to repair itself, nothing will work.

I also choose my personal favorite tip which is “Inner Beauty”. Regardless of size, height, looks, if you have the confidence and believe in yourself, you will be beautiful.
I used to have really low self esteem when I was suffering from acne. I don’t seem to mind on the outside but deep down and when I look at the mirror I will think why am I so ugly. Thinking that way does not help at all. Slowly, I embraced the fact that the acne is going to be stuck with me for quite some time and I lived with it. As I know that one day, they will be gone and I will have clear skin. When I’ve accepted the fact and not bothered by it, I’ve got good comments regardless the bad skin. And of course, it’s all better now that my skin have cleared up so much.

Some other tips shared during the party was as below:

– Foundation will not oxidize so never get a shade lighter then your original shade.

– Using paper towels to wipe our faces is better as a way to prevent germs and bacteria.

– Exercise will give you that natural healthy glow.

I’ve got a Best Dressed competition going on to rewards my guests for dressing up to the theme. I picked out 3 and let the rest of the guests decide the winner. And the winner is Fenny, who’s dressed in lovely pink floral dress paired with a retro green polka dots top. Also the fact that Fenny have always dressed in black or dark colors and I’m super touched that she go the extra mile for my party! Of course many of my guests whose wardrobe is the usual black, grey and made the effort to come dress in pastels! To be honest, I’m a black/dark clothes person too. 😛

Xinyi is the winner for the most popular beauty tip. I picked her as the winner as she’s the only one who put “Sleeping” as her only beauty tip whereas the rest added it as one of the tips.

Vivienne’s the winner of FJF’s Choice! XD I really like and live by the tip of “Inner Beauty”. As explained above. 😛

Lastly, it’s photo spamming time while the guests helped themselves to more cupcakes and macaroons! Thanks to all the lovely ladies and 1 guy who took the time to attend my party! Love you guys!

Some self shots with a few of them. Here’s pretty Mirai! She’s one of the contestant for Miss Singapore International! Support her! 😛

With Fenny! I really love her a lot, she’s talented and super lovable!

With Angie who really put in a lot of effort in dressing to the theme too! She kept whatsapping me to ask me if the clothes were ok. XD So cute! <3

And here’s with Don, the special VIP of my party~ Guys also need facial and stuff, so I can help spread this message to guys out there through him! 😛

Other than the really awesome goodie bags, I took Instaxs with all the guests and they got to bring them home too! Photographic memory of FJFPastelDreamsParty. XD

Lastly, I would love to thank Mary Chia and OMY.SG for giving me this opportunity to organize this spa party. It was really a nerve wrecking yet fun experience for me. XD

I would also like to thank my wonderful goodie bag sponsors, Vanity Trove, L’Oreal Paris Singapore, Skin79(Starasia) and MyFatPocket!

And not forgetting my lovely guests and friends who have supported me so much during this period of time! Of course, my dear readers out there who spares some of your time on this dear little space of mine!

I love you all!



SBA X Mary Chia X FJF Pastel Dreams Spa Party Set Up

Hi all! So I’m here to blog about the setting up of my spa party on the day itself! I will be doing another 2 post, one on the actual happenings of the party and also FJFPastelDreamsParty Goodie Bag Revealed!

So on to the setting up process!

I’ve got 2 helpers from my guests who came to my place to help me bring the goodie bags and deco stuff to the Mary Chia Outlet at NEX! So I got them to help me paste the super elementary wall mural I did. I also folded 100 origami hearts with the help of the Mum and got them to paste them all around the place!

Then we have lovely Faith from The Yellow Teacup who came and deliver plus setup the awesome cupcakes!

With Faith, the lovely girl behind the yummy cupcakes! She spent two years on the recipe before actually setting up the business! And I assure you that the cupcakes are really nice! Moist and yummy and not too sweet!

Customizes FJF cupcakes for my Pastel Dreams Party! The flowers and letterings are made from fondant and they taste awesome, like marshmallow candies! Some fondants out there have a heavy flour taste but this one is love! I love them!

I ordered Red Velvet, Green Tea and Earl Grey cupcakes! Red Velvet was the first to go! Haha! But I really like all 3 flavors and super glad that my guests love them too!

Cupcakes are so pretty that my guests who arrived early can’t help but to take photos with! I’m really super glad that I’ve got my cupcakes from The Yellow TeaCup! Mad love the outcome and taste!

So while the cupcakes are being set up, I was busy packing in more goodies into my goodie bags! Here’s the extra goodies sponsored with love from MFP! And also at the same time packing in the complimentary vouchers from Mary Chia to let my guests redeem their 30 minutes treatments!

I also gotten Macaroons from Bakerzin which I set up just before the guests arrive as they can’t be out for too long.

So after checking that all the decos are in place and food all set up. I went around taking some photos before all my guests arrive. 😛 Here’s with the cupcakes!

With the Macaroons! Haha! The two munchies stations are good places to take photos with. 😛

Here’s some of the early birds who’s relaxing at the comfortable sofa seats meant for manicure at Mary Chia while waiting for the party to start.

My one and only male guest, Don. As you all know, Mary Chia has a subsidary Urban Homme for guys, so I decided to invite my vainest guy friend to my spa party! 😛

More guests have arrived but not all so I decided to give them the envelops that is to be used for a mini game segment for them to write down their beauty tips while waiting for the rest of the guests to arrive. 😛

And while my guests are busy writing down their beauty tips, I confirmed the details of the demonstration that I’ll be doing during the party with Shanice, my therapist from Mary Chia. It’s like taking a last minute crash course. Haha, I was super stressed and nervous too. But thankfully all my guests are super patient with me! XD

Here’s a photo taken with the Mary Chia staff! Shanice on the left! XD

Stay tune to my next posts on the actual happenings of the party! Lots of unglam shots to be revealed! 😛

Meanwhile, vote for me!


I’m the second from the top in my turquoise hello kitty specs! XD

And don’t forget to check out Mary Chia’s FB page! XD

Joyce.Forensia <3


SBA Best Beauty Blog Finalist E- Interview

So as a finalist of SBA 2012, we are to answer a set of questions as a mini interview. So that OMY.SG can introduce us proper with our very own inputs.

So here goes… 😛

1.    How do you feel about being one of finalists in Singapore Blog Awards 2012?

This is actually my second time being selected as one of the finalist for the Best Beauty Blog Category. Am definitely very happy and honored to be selected once again as it meant that my blog and my works are being recognized. This means a lot to me.

2.    When did you start blogging and what drew you to it? Where do you get inspiration for your blog content?

I started blogging since my secondary school days. The more intellectual posts started during 2008. Before it was just an online journal for me to write my rants and about my daily life. I began beauty blogging in 2009 as I was always interested in beauty related stuff. Was following several beauty blogs and then I thought why don’t I start blogging about beauty too? And I started with the intention of sharing and discussing beauty related content with other fellow beauty bloggers and those who love makeup and all.

I was suffering from bad acne at a point of my life. And I wanted to share with my readers how I overcame my acne both mentally and physically through my blog. So I could say that acne is one of my inspiration for my content.

3.    How do you feel about the other Finalists in your category this year? How do you think you will fare compared to them?

I’ve known several finalists from last year and also some through events and of course there are some new faces too. To be honest, I don’t feel that this is a competition at all and I believed the other finalists to have to same sentiments. It’s more like a gathering for us beauty lovers, getting to know more about each other.

Each of us have our own unique style of writing and presenting so I believe all of us are actually on the same starting line. It does not matter who wins in the end as long as all ten of us have fun! One thing I do know is that we are all excited to organize our own spa party!!

4.    Give a reason why readers should visit your blog and vote for you?

My blog have a wide variety of content, from beauty to lifestyle. Especially for those ladies, I believe my blog posts on beauty is beneficial to all. I do only honest reviews regardless. And I’m like anyone else out there, so I believe I can relate to my readers quite well. Lastly, I’m really friendly though I seldom smile in my photos. XD

And that’s all! If you like my blog or love Baskin Robbins Ice Cream like me, vote for me or continue reading.

Thanks loads!!



Singapore Blog Awards 2011 @ Shanghai Dolly

This year Blog Awards is held at Shanghai Dolly! I’m very excited to attend the awards as it’s my first time attending SBA ever since it started few years back! Not only it’s my first time attending SBA, but I’m attending as a finalist too! Hee~

Here’s a photo taken while I’m cabbing there~ Simple classic look to fit the theme. Theme of the day was to dress as a historical character. Can you guess who I’m portraying as ?

A better photo to show my look~ It took me quite a while to do my hair! If you know me, I am not a person who will style my hair. Normally it’s just let down or pony tail. For this look, I bun up my hair and added a mini tiara~ I used lots of wax to keep the hair down and quite a no of pins to secure the bun!

(Credits to JingLong)

Shanghai Dolly! Where SBA2011 is held!

History gets social? Have you ever wondered what will happened if they have social media in the past? XD

(Credits to JingLong)

Small booklets with all the names and URLs of finalists in all the categories! I’m inside too! XD

Finger food are provided! It’s topped up once empty so everyone gets to eat! XD

(Credits to JingLong)

Cake Cutting by GOH to commence the start of SBA2011~ XD

(Credits to JingLong)

Performance includes a skit on what if historical characters have twitter, facebook or even blogs! It’s quite humorous.

(Credits to JingLong)

Here’s a full length photo of myself~ I’m actually portraying Audrey Hepburn~ I think I am quite successful. 😛

(Credits to JingLong)

Photos with the bloggers~ Clara made her own dress! Seriously, she’s multi talented!

Photo with YongWei. He had to give that kind of look. 0.o. LOL~ As expected of him.

With Kelly, fellow finalist for beauty blog category~

With MoonBerry~ Winner for Best Beauty Blog! She did a great job!

I love her gloves!

With LIANG PO PO! Haha, I meant Mint! Best Dressed Female of the day! XD

(Credits to JingLong)

With Darren~ The material of his top is very interesting. LOL.

(Credits to JingLong)

With the twins! I’m digging Jayley’s new hairdo! Looks so edgy as per ANTM’s term. Hayley looking sweet and gorgeous as usual~ xD

(Credits to JingLong)

With Yutaki! Look good as usual!!

(Credits to JingLong)

With Eric! Winner of Best Social Media Integrated Blog Category and Best Dressed Male! His hair color is awesome! I love love the shade of blue!!!

Check out JingLong’s FB Page for more SBA2011 photos! XD


It was great to be involved in SBA2011 as a finalist and although I did not win or anything, it’s a great experience for me. I meant I got to enjoy the various treatments by Adonis who really took great care of all ten of us finalists. Plus, it’s really an honor to me even though I’m just a finalist. Cause it already meant so much to me as a beauty blogger. Really thankful to the team of SBA and OMY.SG for giving me such a wonderful experience!

Once again, congratulations to all winners of SBA2011! For the rest of the finalists, I think that in fact we are all winners too!

Hopefully I will have the chance to be part of SBA next year too, in one of the main categories! 😛

Thanks for reading!

<3, Forest.Joyce.Forensia.