SBA2011: Nano 139 Facial with Adonis

I’m here to share with you all on my second facial experience with Adonis last Monday.

In fact, I was scheduled to have the Chakra Body Treatment but the consultant recommend to go through this detox facial after checking up on my skin condition. She said that since I just did the Sparkle Peel Facial awhile ago, my skin condition is most suitable to go through this detox facial which is named the Nano 139 facial to repair and replenish the moist in my skin.

Brighten up your skin with this cocktail of 139 different minerals and enzymes. This special concoction is designed to help repair, activate, and provide energy to skin cells, leaving your skin with a healthy, natural glow.

– Taken from Adonis Beauty‘s Website


Standard procedures of Adonis~ I was served tea while waiting to start my facial.

And of course a foot bath before heading in the facial room for my treatment.

At the start of the facial, the beautician cleanse my face and apply a Soft Peeling Gel which is different from that which was used during the Sparkle Peel treatment. The one used in the Sparkle Peel was water soluble whereas the one used in this treatment, we can feel the dead skin being rubbed out. After that, she applied Comedone on my face which will help in the removal of blackheads. I was put under the Cool Mist while letting the Comedone work on my skin.

After that, my beautician push in this machine. First, she used the “Scrabber” which is a blade to “scrap” through my skin to remove the impurities in my clogged pores. After this step, she showed me the water used and it’s cloudy and has the impurities that was removed from my skin.

Next, she asked me to hold on to this metal ion rod which has two ends. The other end she use it to roll and massage my face. Of course, she applied a serum before using the metal ion rod to massage the serum into my face. This is to allow the serum to be fully absorbed into the skin cells through the usage of ion energy.

The serum smells like vinegar to me and this is because the serum consists of organic enzymes. I find it ok as it’s better for them to use something natural that don’t really smell good rather then something that smell good as they added extra things that are not needed in the concoction.

After the serum was worked into my skin, the beautician applied a clay mask on my face and left me to rest for 20 minutes while the mask hardens. She then removes the mask and applied toner and moisturizer on my face.

Here’s a pic of me right after the facial. My skin feels more supple and I definitely felt more refreshed.

I was told that similar to the Sparkle Peel, I would experience slight purging of blackheads and acne as the way this facial works is to purge the impurities from within the skin.

This facial is recommended for people with blemished skin as it works from deep within the skin to clear out the impurities. Even people with normal complexion can do this facial to detox the skin.

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