Acai Delivery Singapore: Worth It?

With the current Covid situation where everyone is encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. More new food delivery options are popping out!

Now, we can even get Acai delivery!

Today we are reviewing The Acai Lab, highly recommended in Best In Singapore’s Best 7 Acai Bowl article!

Acai Delivery by The Acai Lab

Acai delivery is definitely one of it’s first that focus on just Acai itself! With people getting more health conscious these days, health food is definitely getting more and more popular!

It’s not only organic, vegan but also Keto-friendly! Not to mention that it’s also 100% natural and preservative-free!

What I Ordered from Acai Delivery

The Signature Acai Bowl
  • Signature Acai Bowl Medium with Nutella Add on – $11.20
  • Fruity Delight Medium with Chia Seeds and Nutella Add on – $12.80
  • Nutty Nature Large – $12.90
  • DIY Acai Bowl Medium – $10.80

*Prices are accurate at point of order*

Acai Delivery Experience and Taste Review

The Acai bowls are delivered in just nice to eat condition. The Acai is not too watery or still too hard from being frozen.

I like the taste of the Acai Bowls which is not too sweet. However, the medium portion is a tad too small and not a suitable portion for a meal. I recommend ordering the Large for a meal and the medium as a dessert.

Size Comparison between Medium & Large Bowls

I ordered several different flavours to try out and I felt that it’s better and more worth it to order a Large Bowl with your own added toppings. Definitely recommend the Signature Acai Bowl that already comes with 10 toppings! The other combinations are nice too, but not much of a difference in terms of taste. Just depends if you prefer more nuts or fruits in your bowl.

DIY Bowl have only 3 toppings and 1 drizzle option so I don’t recommend that one.

Adding Nutella Drizzle

Just add on that Nutella drizzle to your bowl and there you have it, a good wholesome bowl of acai!

Worth It or Not?

I would say that having Acai delivered is equally as good as having Acai in a store. It doesn’t affect the taste and you can keep it frozen to have it the next day if you order a few bowls at a go.

Worth It Rating:

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Acai Delivery:

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Best in Singapore:

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by The Acai Lab and professional photos credits to Owari Photography
Opinions are of my own.

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  1. 苏察哈尔灿 September 1, 2020 at 11:31 am #

    Wah eh the Acai Bowl look nice ler~ keep reviewing, keep posting. jiayou~

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