Pizza Delivery Singapore: Worth It?

Today I’m back with another food delivery review! And I’m reviewing Pizza Delivery Singapore!

Pizza delivery is no stranger in the local food delivery scene and not as unique as Sushi delivery I would say. So how does this new player score up against the big players in the market? It is listed as one of the Best Pizza Deliveries in Singapore by Best In Singapore. Is it worth it? Let’s put it to the test and find out!

What I ordered from Pizza Delivery:

At the time of order, there’s a buy 2nd pizza at 50% off. So I indicated the full price and the price I paid in the bracket.

Promotion at the time of my order

The current promotion is Buy 1 Free 1 for Medium and Large pizzas.

  • La Amatriciana Pizza – Small $13.90 ($6.95)
  • Beef Salami Pizza – Small $13.90 ($6.95)
  • Mistocarne Pizza – Small $16.90 ($8.45)
  • Chicken Alfredo Pizza – Small $16.90 ($8.45)
  • Margherita Pizza – Small $13.90 ($6.95)
  • Seafood Pizza – Small $16.90 ($8.45)
  • Mozzarella Cheese Stick $11.90
  • Fish Finger $9.90

The Pizza Delivery experience and the food itself

During the time of order, we were asked to select a time slot and I picked 6.15pm to 7.15pm. The order arrived slightly late at 7.20pm and the time sticker states that the food was prepared and ready at about 5.50pm.

Yes, the pizzas and side dishes are not even lukewarm by the time i received it. I did not reheat the food before I ate it, because I’ve always been receiving hot pizzas if not at least warm pizzas from other places. What if I ordered the pizzas at a location where I don’t have kitchen access?

I would also like to add in the fact that 1 side dish item was missing from my order. I ordered 2x Mozzarella Cheese Sticks (I love cheese that’s why the double order) and they only delivered one. Thankfully the customer service is pretty top-notch and they rectify the order pretty quickly.

This time around, I timed it and I received it within 20 minutes of dispatch. The 2nd box of Mozzarella Cheese Sticks came slightly lukewarm and definitely tasted better too. The Fish Finger is pretty decent though, I would recommend that over Cheese Sticks. You can get better Cheese Sticks for less elsewhere.

Let’s focus on the Pizza

My order missing 1x serving of Mozzarella Cheese Sticks

I ordered 6 different pizzas in small size (6inches) as I wanted to try as many variations as possible. I like that their pizzas are thin crust by default as I’m not a thick crust fan.

Margherita Pizza

They always say if you want to know if a pizza place is good, try their plain cheese aka Margherita Pizza. And I’m sorry to say this pizza did not perform up to expectations. The cheese is exceptionally thin for a plain cheese pizza.

Seafood Pizza

Out of the 6 pizzas ordered, the Seafood Pizza and the Beef Salami pizzas are the better tasting ones. The Mistocarne is not too bad too and you can avoid ordering the rest. 😛

Worth It or Not?

Comparing with the bigger players in the market, I feel that Pizza Delivery has got lots to catch up. One part is certainly to find out how others deliver their pizzas hot to the consumers. They probably have to work on the delivery times per dispatch. It’s rather odd that one driver delivered in an hour and the order only used 20 minutes.

Worth It Rating:

Rating: 2.5 out of 5.

The customer service definitely made up for the additional 0.5 stars.

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Disclaimer: This post is sponsored by Pizza Delivery Singapore and professional photos credits to Owari Photography
Opinions are of my own.

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