WordCamp Singapore 2016 – Don’t Miss it!

Calling out to all fellow bloggers and all WordPress users!

WordCamp Singapore is happening this coming 6th September!

wordcamp singapore mascot

Singapuu- WordCamp Singapore Mascot

If today you are serious about blogging and creating a great website, WordCamp Singapore is an event you should not miss! This is an event where professional developers, successful bloggers, designers and many others using WordPress come together and just share knowledge!

There’s a lot to be shared and learnt during WordCamp. Imagine the many possibilities you can do to your WordPress site with the new knowledge gained! And if you have any questions about WordPress, this is probably the time to go around asking the right people from the WordPress team itself to get your answers!

How I Started Using WordPress

I remembered that my very first website was built upon Yahoo! Geocities way back before I had my first blog on blogger.com during my secondary school days. I then went on to explore many different blog hosting services like livejournal, blogger and many others before settling on WordPress.

Back when I first started blogging, I never thought I will one day have my own domain and actually host my very own site! Was never a very technical person and all those codes, be it html, css or whatever other codes there are out there simply just gave me headaches. I must say that WordPress have made it all very simple for me.

I was first introduced to WordPress back in 2011 when I blogged for MyFatPocket. And after blogging on it for 3 years, it’s only apt for me to stick to WordPress since it’s so easy to use!

I did go one big round from using WordPress.com to having my self-hosted site using WordPress.Org. But trust me, it’s really easy to install. If I can do it, anyone can do it. All you have to do is follow instructions because everything you need to know is on the WordPress Forums.

WordPress is probably one of the simplest and most customizable CMS out there I would say. For someone like me hosting a simple blog to companies hosting a full-fledged websites/ E-commerce stores, the possibilities are endless.

Speakers At WordCamp Singapore

WordCamp Singapore consisted of many talks hosted by professionals who have been using WordPress. What is it that they have done right that we have not? This is the time to find out from them!

And I’m sure most of you will find these three speakers very familiar if you’re active in the local blogging scene! Don’t miss this chance to find out their secrets!

Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 00.59.31 Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 00.59.46 Screen Shot 2016-08-11 at 01.00.00

And of course, there are a lot more great speakers coming from all over the world to sunny little Singapore to share their experiences! Check out the full list of speakers here!

WordCamp Singapore 2016 Information

Date: 6th September 2016

Venue: Microsoft Singapore, Level 21, One Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989

Registration starts from 8.30am, full schedule here –> https://2016.singapore.wordcamp.org/schedule/

Get your tickets here –> https://2016.singapore.wordcamp.org/tickets/

Key in coupon code “JoyceForensia” to enjoy 20% off the tickets! (Coupon code is only valid till 16th August, so don’t take too long to decide!)

I’ll be there at WordCamp Singapore so do say hi if you see me around ok? Did I mention that there’s an after-party after all the talks? It’s definitely a good time for networking, be it for business or personal! 😉

See you there!



3 Grooming Tips Before Travelling

Simple Grooming Tips to look good effortlessly while travelling!

grooming tips selfie-bg

We all want to look our best in our travel photos, take the best OOTDs, and look good in our selfies with well-known landmarks in the background. But time is essential while we travel! We definitely can’t afford to spend 2 hours to make ourselves look good and waste good time that can be used to visit another tourist spot! Here are 3 simple grooming tips that can save you loads of time and still look good during your travels!

But time is essential while we travel! We definitely can’t afford to spend 2 hours to make ourselves look good and waste good time that can be used to visit another tourist spot! Here are 3 simple grooming tips that can save you loads of time and still look good during your travels!

Grooming Tips 1: Refresh Your Hair Colour and get a Treatment done!

This is very straightforward. If you dye your hair regularly, you definitely not want to be showing those ugly hair roots! So do get your roots touched up or take the chance to get a brighter colour so you will stand out in your travel photos! Getting a hair treatment is a must because our hair usually will be in tip-top condition for at least 2 to 3 weeks depending on the kind of treatment you do. I strongly recommend the Mucota ABC Hair treatment available at Headlines By Artistry as my hair always look so good and is super easy to manage after doing the treatment. Regular treatment once every 1-2 months will means that your hair will always be in pristine condition! And when your hair is easy to manage, getting it to look good is just a matter of minutes.


Getting a hair treatment is a must because our hair usually will be in tip-top condition for at least 2 to 3 weeks depending on the kind of treatment you do.I strongly recommend the Mucota ABC Hair treatment available at Headlines By Artistry as my hair always look so good and is super easy to manage after doing the treatment. Regular treatment once every 1-2 months will means that your hair will always be in pristine condition! And when your hair is easy to manage, getting it to look good is just a matter of minutes.


Not forgetting quoting my name will get you 10-30% off depending on the hair services you want to do at Headlines By Artistry! Did I also mention that they are having a $58 Haircut plus treatment promotion right now?

Make an appointment today! Remember to quote my name and look for my trusty Hair Stylist, Elein!

Headlines Hairdressing By Artistry International Plaza

Address : 10 Anson road #03-32 International plaza Tanjong Pagar. (Right above the MRT) 

Tel: 62233133

Mon-Fri: 10.30-8.30pm 

Sat : 10.30-7pm 

Sun: Close


FB: https://www.facebook.com/HeadlinesbyArtistry/


Grooming Tips 2: Get Your Nails Done!


Getting your nails done adds a pop of style to your fingers so that you can put less emphasis on other areas. LOL. My set of Sailormoon uniform nails hand drawn by my trusty Manicurist Aini had gotten me loads of attention when I’m in Japan! People just get all excited when they recognised the iconic uniforms! Nobody cares about what I wear! LOL!


Plus, painted fingernails always looked better than plain nails. And it’s really affordable to get a set of nicely painted gel nails by Aini!

You can look through Aini’s nail art designs either on Carousell at https://carousell.com/ainionelovenails/or on FB at https://www.facebook.com/ainionelovenails.
Best to book an appointment with her via either Carousell or FB!
One Love Nails

Orchard Plaza, #05-54 (Nearest MRT: Somerset MRT, just opposite Orchard Central)


Grooming Tips 3: Get Eyelash Extensions! Pop of Colour Optional!

This was probably the best thing ever that I did before my trip. And a disclaimer, I paid for my extensions myself!


Eye makeup usually takes as much time as I can do the rest of my face or even longer and I simply can’t afford that amount of time just to draw my eyes while travelling! After raved reviews from a friend who frequents KJ Studio for her extensions, I decided to get my extensions done there before my trip. I’ve also decided to add in purple coloured lashes as I felt that the extra pop of colour adds dimensions. Which also means I can really skip eye makeup altogether as the extensions creates a

I’ve also decided to add in purple coloured lashes as I felt that the extra pop of colour adds dimensions. Which also means I can really skip eye makeup altogether as the extensions creates a liner illusion and have that pop of colour!


I opted for the unlimited lash option as my eyes are pretty big and I wanted it to be a little more dramatic so as to omit the need for eye make. Paid a total of $150 for unlimited lash plus colour after a first visit referral discount as I quoted my friend’s name. If you are interested, you can quote my member #1929 to get 10% off your first visit too! Hehe.

And I must say the extensions are pretty long lasting! They still looked pretty good after a month! I still have about half the lashes left and it’s almost 6 weeks since I did it!

Bonus Tip: Mask Every Night While On Your Trip!

Trust me! Masking nightly will ensure you having nice supple skin the next day! So bring enough sheet masks for the number of nights you’re staying! Daiso have these one week supply mask packs that are pretty good! $2 for 7 pieces of masks in one pack. Or you can bring along different flavours of sheet masks if you prefer using something different every night.

And I hope this post is helpful to you all! Of course, these tips can be applied even if you’re not travelling! 😛



Jetsetting With Enavose Hydration Pack

The team at Enavose have kindly sent me one of their Jetsetter pack, which is the Enavose Hydration on the go pack right before my Tokyo trip last month.

Which is really a great help because I’ve one less thing to plan to pack since the Enavose Hydration Pack practically covers me for the Skincare portion. I’m someone who really hates packing and always wait till the very last minutes to pack. Plus, I’ve so many travel-sized skincare from various brands that it can be quite a headache.

enavose hydration jetsetter pack

With the Enavose Jetsetter Packs, you’re basically covered for your trips. Also, you get to choose from Hydration, Acne Combat or even the Sun Shield Pack for those going on a beach holiday! Just pick what you need and you’re ready to go!

Enavose Jetsetter: Hydration-On-The-Go

The Enavose Hydration Pack was indeed just right for my trip because the weather in Tokyo was surprisingly very drying although it was the rainy season.


My favourite product in the Enavose Hydration Pack is the Oceanic 24H Luxe Cream! I used it both day and night during my trip and it makes my skin moist and supple. Perfect prep before makeup and provides ample moisture to the skin for a night sleep under air-conditioning.


Another star product in the pack has got to be the Mineral Concentrate Refresh Mist! As the name suggests, it’s really refreshing and works really well to give the skin a perk me up! I’ve used it in the day after makeup to set my makeup and it doubles up as a toner at night after I remove my makeup and cleanse my face.


Loving the ingenious design of the mist where there’s an attached cap to cover the button so that you won’t accidentally press on it and spill any of the mist. Also, no worries about losing the cap!


Also included in the pack are the Alpine Edelweiss Foam Cleanser and the Probiotics Exfoliance Gommage. The cleaner is very gentle and refreshing and also, doesn’t dry out the skin. The Gommage is also perfect during a trip for that gentle exfoliation to remove the dirt on our face that we have accumulated on our day out in a foreign city. Trust me, I kind of feel that the air in Tokyo is slightly more polluted than that in Singapore. Maybe because they are a cosmopolitan urban city with a lot lesser greenery than we have in our garden city?

My Thoughts on the Enavose Jetsetter Hydration Pack?

I’ve finished using the mist during my 9 days trip but the pack includes 3 bottles of it! It’s small in size at 10ml but it’s also perfect for the handbag!

The Luxe cream is a current staple in my skincare regime as a night cream. I tend to have dryness around my cheeks but ever since using the luxe cream, it really did improve!

And I really recommend the Gommage for exfoliation, it’s so gentle that it can be used daily even!

For the price the Jetsetter packs are going for, I really think it’s a steal! Get it now before they revert back to usual pricing!

And I must say it’s thanks to Enavose that I can have nice and moist supple skin throughout my trip! And that means near perfect makeup for near perfect selfies! Hehe!


Also, shop at Enavose Online Store today and receive 10% storewide with my promo code “ENVJOYCE”!

Plus, get to redeem a Free Beauty Kit worth $62.50 today! The kit includes the Exfoliance Gommage mentioned above and also a Youth Force Concentrate!

All you have to do is :

  • Like my post 🙂
  • Follow @Enavose.sg on Instagram
  • Redeem the Kit On www.enavose.com with my Promo Code: ENVJOYCE

Did I mention that there’s no purchase required? You just simply have to sign up and Enavose will mail the kit to you! Sounds awesome? Yes!

Don’t say I never share good stuff with you all ah!



Tokyo Travelogue: Singapore to Tokyo!

Tokyo Bound: First Flight On Singapore Airlines


Being a Budget Traveller previously, it’s my first time onboard a standard airline in economy class. And it’s because there was a promotion and I managed to get tickets to Haneda with insurance and everything else included at $699 per pax. Which I think is a pretty good deal as even on a budget airline to Narita goes up to $500++ with one transit. And trust me, although it’s my first time to Tokyo, Haneda is the airport you want to fly to even if it might be slightly more expensive.

Getting to Shinjuku takes only 50 minutes or so on non-peak period as compared to at least 80 minutes or so from Narita. And if you are taking the express bus, a ticket from Shinjuku to Haneda is 1230 yen while it’s 3100 yen to get to Narita. And I am talking about one-way ticket here.

Anyways, it’s my first time onboard Singapore Airlines and I’ve a pretty good experience. I think I might be spoilt by SIA this trip that it will be hard for me to go back to budget airlines for flights more than 4 hours next time!

Choice of Accommodation: AirBnb Shinjuku Kabukicho Apartment

Tokyo - higashi shinjuku sign

For this trip, my choice of accommodation is Airbnb and the nearest station is Higashi-Shinjuku Station on the subway. The apartment is also walkable from the Shinjuku JR line albeit longer. It’s easy to find your way once you get used to it in 2 or 3 days. And it’s easy to get around Tokyo from Shinjuku too!


This is the outside of the Airbnb apartment. It is pretty decent but what you can’t see that it is surrounded by many hotels, love hotels to be exact. Think Hotel 81 kind but more stylish type. This is because the apartment is located in Kabukicho which is the red light district equivalent. Love hotels, Host and Hostess Clubs, Bars, Karaokes are something I see in abundance every night as I walk back to my apartment.


Of course, there is a more quiet way to walk back to the apartment, avoiding all the action. But I took several different routes back every night as I want to see what’s in the neighbourhood. Anyways, even though it’s a red light district, it’s not dangerous or rowdy. Though there are foreigners (Chinese/Black Americans) in Japan touting to get tourists to watch rated shows. There was this black guy trying to talk to me to get me to go to whichever place he’s working at.LOL. I brushed him away as I’m hungry and finding my way to dinner. Nobody stands in my way when I’m hungry!

tokyo with rx

My companion for this Tokyo trip! And also our mums!

I must say I’m not the most patient person on earth, and I get short-tempered easily with my mum around. Thanks for standing up with me and I hope you and your mum have enjoyed the trip!

Anyways, that’s an overview of the apartment. It’s pretty small with the living area and kitchen combined. There’s two rooms, one with 2 single beds and one with a double bed that’s smaller than queen sized. Not much space to walk around in the rooms. It’s just enough for us as we have quite a number of luggage.

menya musashi tokyo

First dinner in Tokyo, Menya Musashi! 「麺屋武蔵」

I must say this is way better than what we have in Singapore. The meat itself is very different! It’s juicy and very flavourful! Enjoyed it very much! Soup is a tad salty but that is the norm in Japan as they tend to slurp the noodles together with the soup. Unlike us where we eat one mouth of noodles followed by one spoonful of soup. (This is told to me by our one day guide in Japan who is a brother of a family friend. )

don quijote

Shopping at Don Quijote after dinner. I literally wiped the shelves for the Lychee Eye drops. Lol. Sadly the range of coloured contacts here is not very impressive. I preferred the Donki in Osaka for the contact lens selection. But still, from makeup to skin care to food, you can find almost everything in Donki. Must visit whenever you’re in Japan. It will take all your money. I mean it. Lol.

joyce forensia in tokyo

And that’s all for this post and also the end of day 1 of my Tokyo trip. Ending with a selfie taken with my new camera, the Casio FR-100 which I’ve bought just couple of days before the trip. The above photo is with no edits except for resizing. Not too bad right?

Till the next Tokyo trip post!



Classic Cufflinks For The Fathers

Happy Father’s Day to all Fatherly Figure in the World!

Cufflinks: A Unique Gift for The Fathers In Your Life

Fathers played an important part in everyone’s life. There are many father figures around us. Our Fathers, GrandFathers, Brothers who have their own family, the Father of your child etc.

To me, I’m blessed because I’ve 3 fatherly figures around me in the form of my 3 elder siblings, who took care of me as a baby while my mother goes to work. Who acted as the Fatherly figures I need when both are not free for my Meet The Parents.

And of course we all have our favourites, and hence I’m gifting my second brother a unique gift this Father’s day to show my appreciate since Singapore don’t really have a happy brothers’ day. LOL.

Cufflinks singapore

Men these days are dressing better and better and they too, need little accessories to complete the whole look. Watches are no doubt one of men’s favourite accessories! Hence, I didn’t spend much time to decide on the right Cufflinks to get! It’s literally a no-brainer! You can’t go wrong with mechanical gear designs for men! Plus they come in a nice velvet box that’s so classy and ready to gift!

Cufflinks Mecanique

The design I’ve picked out is Mecanique, which is similar to that of a watch gear! Look at how intricate the design is! I also loved how it actually moves! Definitely a design guys would love though I doubt they will be wow-ed by the fact that it moves. I mean guys are harder to impress as compared to girls. They are more practical in a way that makes it so hard to shop for gifts for them!

Thankfully for Cufflinks Singapore, making buying gifts for men so much simpler so that we can spend more time on our own shopping! 🙂

timepiece cufflinks

Look how well the cufflinks blended in with the watches! I’m sure most men would love designs like this! They also have several other designs related to timepieces and also a whole range of classic and unique designs!

So do checkout Cufflinks Singapore if you have yet to get a present for your Fathers this Father’s day! Better late than never!

And of course, cufflinks are great gift for the dads, husbands, boyfriends and even brothers!

Quote JOYCEFORENSIA15 to enjoy 15% discount across all designs! They provide free shipping and refund within 7 days just in case there’s an issue with the product! How thoughtful is that to provide shoppers a peace of mind while shopping online?!