Galaxy Hair by Artistry Hair Professional

Galaxy Hair for 2016

So on New Year Eve, I went to get my hair done. Those following my blog from the start knew that I had a whole year where I got on the Ombré Hair trend and kept changing and bleaching my hair. Then I cut my hair short to get rid of the ends which was so dry as it was subjected to so much chemicals over the 1.5 years period.

It took me quite awhile before I decided to bleach my hair once more so as to achieve that Galaxy Hair which I’m very much in love with.  I consulted my trusty hairstylist, Elein and asked if I should bleach and she gave me the green light! Of course, it’s not just normal bleaching and coloring! Elein told me that she will be infusing a special hair treatment into the bleach and hair dye so that my hair will be protected! How cool is that?
galaxy hair prep

Getting my hair sectioned and bleached. Choosing my colors during the bleaching process.

headlines by artistry

Look at my hair after all the coloring! Still so smooth and it look so healthy!

galaxy hair back

Peek-a-boo!! This is my hair now. Elein helped me to decide on the color placement and this looks so pretty!! Wait till you see the sides! There’s total 4 different shades used, Hot Pink, Purple and two shades of blue!

galaxy hair front

Here’s how the front look liked. I’ve also bleached a section on each side. And as you can see both side are of different shades!

galaxy hair left

This is the left! I am loving the different shades and how it blends so well together!

galaxy hair right

The right side! This is the side with the lighter shade of blue.

galaxy hair blogger

I have also decided to go back to bangs since I think it suits me well and it hide some years of my age too! New year means one year older so must try to look younger. Hahahah.

galaxy hair elein

And all this is only possible because of Elein, my trusty hairstylist!

galaxy hair joyceforensia

Interested to have galaxy hair or to just change your hair? Look for Elein at Headlines By Artistry at International Plaza and quote my name ‘Joyce’ to get 10%-30% off depending on the hair services that you are doing. Do call and make an appointment before heading down!

Artistry Hair Professional

Address : 10 Anson road #03-32 International plaza Tanjong Pagar. (Right above the MRT) 

Tel: 62219255

Mon-Fri: 10.30-8.30pm 

Sat : 10.30-7pm 

Sun: Close



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