My Pandora Story

So I’ve just somehow completed my Pandora bracelet so I thought I’ll do a little post on it. Well, there’s still space for another 4 to 6 charms but I thought I’ll leave that for future use.

Here’s a little background about Pandora which is a Danish brand for those who didn’t know. It’s a brand that allows one to create their own statement accessories with their stackable rings, charms bracelets and even necklaces. They even have watches under the brand.

Under the Moments Collection, are the current popular Charms Bracelets. Each and every charm have a meaning behind it. The whole idea of Pandora Charms Bracelets is to allow the creation of each individual life story pieced together by each individual charm. This is where the beauty lies that no two persons will have the same bracelets as we all have different life stories.

And here I present to you, my very own life story in the form of the Pandora Bracelet.


Here’s how my bracelet looks like now with a total of 11 charms. With the Turquoise Murano Glass as the centrepiece, I arranged the charms I have so that they are sort of a mirror image. Of course, I purchased the charms with this arrangement in mind.

The Pandora Bracelet can actually be separated into three sections. Left, Centre and Right. With two clips in place, it’s easier to arrange the charms in sections. I’ve friends asking me if the clips are necessary and I would say yes. The clips will prevent the charms from rolling all over and keep them in place in their sections when you don’t have many charms.


Globe Clip: Being able to travel around the world is my dream since young. Ever since I’m financially stable with a job, I’ve been trying to travel at least twice a year. This Globe sort of represents the globetrotter wannabe in me.

Pink Fizz Murano Glass: Pink is my very first favourite colour and this charm kinds of represent the fuzzy dreams I always have.

Flower Clip with Amethyst: I’m always fond of the Amethyst stone and like most girls, I love flowers.

Fairy Tale Book Silver Charm: Despite the harsh reality of life, I still believe in fairy tales. I believe that dreams will come true eventually.


Pink Heart Dangling: We are need that little love and I want to believe in it still. There’s a reason why I put it right next to the fairy tale charm.

Turquoise Faceted Murano Glass: I was attracted by this Turquoise Murano Glass when I saw it in Gold Coast and I knew I had to get it. It’s a colour that became my recent favourite. It’s also a colour that reflects better on the sea colour.

David Star Dangling with White Zirconia: The very first star that I’ve learnt to draw consists of two triangles which made up the 6 pointed David star. I always preferred this compared to the standard 5 pointed star.

Camera Silver Charm: I love photography and as a blogger, this is like the perfect charm.


Paved Stars Clip: Looking up into the skies full of stars on a quiet night is one of the many memories and moments that I can never forget and can never get tired of.

Blue Fizz Murano Glass: Water might not be my element but I’ve always thought that I belong to the water. Doesn’t the colour and the bubbles in this glass bead reminds you of the sea. I put this together with the seashell charm to represent my fondness for the sea.

Seashell SIiver Charm: I love seashells! Used to pick up little shells from the beach and bring them home.

My bracelet is not really a moments bracelet but more of a character kind of bracelet. It’s one that reflects me. 🙂

Are you a fan of Pandora too? Do you collect the charms based on moments or just based on the charms you liked? Or you have other charms bracelets? Share it with me!


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