Violet Copper Crush by Salon De Chiox

It’s time for a pampering hair session at Salon De Choix again! The red side ombre I had have already faded so I wanted to dye it a different darker colour due to my new job.20140303-204901.jpg

After discussing with Ricky, we decided to cover my side ombre with a dark violet and give me additional copper highlights for more texture.20140303-204912.jpg

It’s highly recommended to do a colour treatment after colouring your hair to lock in the color and treats the hair for it to be smooth and healthy. The Keratase treatments is really very good!Photo 11-12-13 1 52 41 pm

Here’s a look at the colours when the hair is wet.20140303-204929.jpg

The violet is actually underneath so it is like a peekaboo style. Can easily cover up during working hours. I’ve also trimmed my hair a little, adding a little more layers in my hair.20140303-204941.jpg

Here’s a side view after my hair is all blown and styled. You can see the layers and how the violet is actually hidden.20140303-204958.jpg

Back view of my hair, you can see how the copper highlights give life to the hair.20140303-204949.jpg

Here’s the side view under natural sunlight again. I love how the different colours give my hair sort of a textured look. The violet and copper blends in very well, who would have thought this two colours look so good together.20140303-205007.jpg

From top view. I like the flexibility of my hair that I can hide the wild colours or show it just by changing the parting. One hair many looks! This kind of hairstyle is also perfect for people like me who has a full time day job and yet loves colours in my hair!20140303-205014.jpg

Thanks Ricky for the awesome hair colour and cut!20140303-205022.jpg

Salon De Chiox located at Winsland House(5 min away from Somerset Mrt). Quote my name ‘Joyce’ for 15% off all regular hair services! Call them at 6836 2959 to make your appointment! Look for Ricky!


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